Concertina Card Printing

For offline marketing and communication that truly engages with your potential customers, choose custom-printed C fold concertina cards from Better Printing.

Combining a portable pocket-sized form factor with the printing space and satisfying tactile fold-out experience of a folded leaflet, a concertina card makes for the perfect take-home promotional handout or event souvenir. Use them to display event programmes, festival lineups, mini product catalogs, sales coupons and more!

Each standard C fold card features a folded 80gsm paper sheet with a single row of panels, secured within a 350gsm cover. Choose from a book-style folded cover, a double-folded wrap cover, or single covers at each end of your concertina - take a look at our product images to see the cover styles available.

Looking for a different cover style or paper GSM? With Better Printing, you’re free to fully customise your print order to your own unique specifications - plus there’s a wide range of cover seals, lamination styles and finishing options to set your C fold cards apart from the competition. For a direct quote for your custom C fold card order, call us on 023 8087 8037 or email

(Looking for a concertina card with more panel rows? Take a look at our range of leaflet cards to find your ideal panel arrangement.)

Please get in touch if you need any assistance with setting up your concertina cards.


Business card size (6 Panels)

  • Covers – 55mm x 85mm
  • Flat size – 300mm x 78mm
  • Folded size – 50mm x 78mm

Business card size (8 Panels)

  • Covers – 55mm x 85mm
  • Flat size – 400mm x 78mm
  • Folded size – 50mm x 78mm

A7 size (6 Panels)

  • Covers – A7 – 74mm x 105mm
  • Flat inner size – 414mm x 100mm
  • Folded size – 69mm x 100mm

A7 size (8 Panels)

  • Covers – A7 – 74mm x 105mm
  • Flat size – 552mm x 100mm
  • Folded size – 69mm x 100mm

A6 size (4 Panels)

  • Covers – A6 – 105mm x 148mm
  • Flat size – 400mm x 142mm
  • Folded size – 100mm x 142mm

A6 size (6 Panels)

  • Covers – A6 – 105mm x 148mm
  • Flat size – 600mm x 142mm
  • Folded size – 100mm x 142mm


  • Cover 4 colour to front one side.
  • Text 4 colour to both sides.

Other Options

  • 5 Colour*
  • Pantone or “Spot” Colours*
  • Black throughout


  • Cover 350 gsm Silk
  • Text 80gsm Smooth Uncoated


  • Trimmed to final size, folded to finished size
  • Covers trimmed to size and adhered to outer panels

Available Upgrades: Please Call To Discuss

  • Die cut rounded corners to outer cover panels*
  • Gloss, Matt, Silk or Soft Touch Lamination to outer covers*
  • 400gsm stock*
  • Spot Gloss UV varnish*
  • Silver, Gold or Coloured Foiling*
  • Embossing or De-bossing*

* Upgrades are optional extras and will cost more than the standard prices.

What sizes are available? How many panels will my C fold leaflets have?

Please see the Specification tab for detailed dimensions and panel numbers of each size option.

Looking for a specific size or number of panels? Better Printing can also provide custom C fold cards to match your requirements - simply get in touch!

What materials will my C fold cards be printed on?

Each standard C fold card sheet is printed on 80gsm smooth uncoated stock, with a sturdy 350gsm silk stock cover. Alternative stocks can be provided upon request - just ask!

Will my flyers be printed via digital or litho print methods?

The right print method will depend on a number of factors; including the type of product and the quantity, print quality and turnaround time you require.

Better Printing can produce your order on either litho or digital, with both available in-house. Our sales team can recommend the most cost-effective solution for your needs and will confirm your preferred method before going to print.

How are C fold cards supplied?

Each finished C fold is supplied trimmed, folded to final size and the covers attached.

Can I customise each C fold card with unique information (eg addresses, branch-specific details etc)?

Yes! With variable data printing, you can add unique text and graphics to each individual C fold card in your print run - all we need from you is a single ‘base’ design and a database of the content you’re looking to add on top. Call us on 023 8087 8037 to set up your variable print today!

Which type of leaflet card should I choose? Z fold, C fold, K fold or Multi fold?

Each type of folded card offers a different number of panel rows as standard:

C fold: one single concertina-folded panel row
K fold: two rows of panels
Z fold: three rows of panels
Multi fold: four rows of panels

The right version for you will largely depend on the amount of information you’re looking to print, versus the thickness of the card when folded up. If you’re looking for a more slimline card design, we recommend going for the C fold or K fold options; if you need to display lots of information, the Z fold or Multi fold is a safer bet

Still not answered your question?, try our common FAQs page here or contact us for any further information or advice.

Download our most popular product templates below; for more templates or to request your own custom design, call us on 023 8087 8037 today!

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