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Paper Sizes – ISO 216 Standard

The ISO 216 is an international standard for paper sizes used around the world. The standard defines three paper sizes, known as “A”, “B” and “C” Series.

A Series

Use our visual tool below to understand the A Series. The largest A Size available is A0, which when folded in half becomes A1. This pattern is continued through the whole A Series. The smallest A size available is the A8.

A Series Guide

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A0 841 1189
A1 594 841
A2 420 594
A3 297 420
A4 210 297
A5 148 210
A6 105 148
A7 74 105
A8 52 74
A size print guide

B Series

Although it looks almost identical to the A Series, the B Series does differ very slightly. The sizes are based on the geometric mean of two consecutive A Series sheets. As an example, B3 is between A2 and A3 in size.

B Series Guide

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
B0 1000 1414
B1 707 1000
B2 500 707
B3 353 500
B4 250 353
B5 176 250
B6 125 176
B7 88 125
B8 62 88
B size print guide

C Series

Most commonly used for envelopes, the C Series is used to accompany the A and B series papers.

C Series Guide

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
C6 114 162
C5 162 229
C4 229 324
C3 324 458
DL 110 220
C size envelopes

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