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With the launch of our sustainable ecoprint range, we thought you might be interested in learning more about how your order will arrive and what steps we take to ensure sustainable packaging.
Let’s take a look at Better Printing’s packaging – from white label delivery to recycled boxes!

Eco-friendly packaging from Better Printing

At Better Printing, we’re committed to making our deliveries more environmentally friendly. As such, we’ve put a few things in place to try and help protect the planet with every order.

First and foremost, your print order will arrive in fully recyclable cardboard boxes that can be popped directly into domestic recycling bins. We are employing more and more recycled boxes – that have already been used once, and can be used again! Most of our packaging is paper based and so easy to reuse or recycle. Any plastic can be taken to larger recycling centres to be reused – or go to your local Tesco!

Any lithographic printing on the boxes will be done using vegetable-based inks, and we make sure to recycle all our ink cartridges.

recycle your print packaging

Better printing’s packaging – white label service

Our packaging boxes sometimes come with branding and logos on them. However, if you opt for white label delivery, your packaging will come with no branding at all. Not only is this beneficial for B2B transactions when supplying products directly to your clients, it’s also good for the environment.

Having a while label delivery service means that the boxes can easily be reused, as there is no branding on the packaging itself. It also means that your printed items can go directly from us to your client – cutting out the need for you to receive them, repackage them and send them on. Not only does this save on unnecessary packaging, it also lessens your overall carbon footprint as only one delivery needs to take place – not two!

white label delivery

Carbon neutral delivery

We employ DPD as our main courier, thanks to their carbon neutral pledge. By ensuring greater loads in one delivery, fuel-efficient driving and giving back, DPD have managed to substantially offset their carbon footprint. In June 2022 alone, we prevented an estimated 106kg of Co2 from going into the atmosphere. Take a look at our DPD certificate!

Offsetting our environmental impact

We know that even with eco-friendly packaging, we’ve still got a way to go. We’re constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. As such, this year we’ve donated 120 trees to the World Land Trust, to make sure that we are giving back.

As ecoprinters, we use a lot of paper for our custom printed products. That’s why we make sure to use FSC approved stocks – which contribute to the sustainability of trees and paper products.

Take a look at our environment page for more information on the steps Better Printing has taken to become more environmentally friendly. Better printing – making printing… better!

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