Tent Cards & Table Talkers

Our Tent Cards and Table Talkers are vibrant sturdy and proven to be a highly cost effective, way of presenting your promotions, discounts and limited offers to customers.
Place them in a prominent position to capture your customers’ attention. With a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishing options to choose from.

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Tent Card and Table Talker Printing FAQ’s

What is a Tent Card, and what is it used for?
A Tent Card is a small piece of cardstock folded in half, with information or graphics printed on both sides. They are commonly used for table seating arrangements, informational displays, or as promotional material in restaurants, bars, and events.
What type of printing is used for Table Talkers?
Digital printing is the most commonly used printing method for Table Talkers, as it offers the flexibility to print small quantities and allows for full-color designs.
Can the table talkers be recycled?
Yes, as long as you don’t apply lamination they will be fully recyclable.
How do I know the paper you use will be responsibly sourced?
We can process your order under the FSC chain of custody system which enables the paper to be traced back to the original source.
Are the table talkers waterproof?
No, they’re made of card but adding lamination will provide some water resistance.
Can my logo be printed in a pantone colour?
Yes, Your table talker can be printed on one of our litho presses using pantone colours – please contact us for a price.
Are the Tent Cards suitable to use in pubs and restaurants?
Yes, you may want to add lamination so they can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary.
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