Coffee Cup Sleeves

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Coffee Cup Sleeves

Make the most of your otherwise blank space and promote your company, latest product or special offer with a printed coffee cup sleeve.

If you’re in need of a quick turnaround, our Express Cup Sleeves are for you!

Coffee cup sleeve printing

Choose from a wide range of sizes, ranging from 4oz to 16oz, to suit your particular coffee cup.

Our non-thermal sleeves are printed on a medium weight 300gsm stock as standard, offering superior tensile strength and durability. However, if you’re an eco-conscious business, we offer two environmentally friendly alternatives: a white uncoated heavier weight 350gsm (perfect for ease of recycling) and a brown kraft paper (both recycled and recyclable). These are ideal for demonstrating your ‘green’ ethos to your client base.

Create your own unique design with our free coffee cup sleeve templates, or take advantage of our in house design services.

Alternative coffee cup sleeve uses

Coffee cup sleeves are perfect for adding your particular branding to your hot beverages. This way, you can create a custom coffee cup without having to spend a fortune, allowing you to keep your costs down but your impact high.

Using coffee cup sleeves gives you the perfect opportunity to change your design and branding with every new promotion. Got a new product out what you want to shout about? Create a new sleeve! Got a charitable campaign running? Design a new sleeve! The possibilities are endless; create a branded coffee cup with full versatility.

And with variable data printing you can even create personalised takeaway coffee cups. Add a different company name, first name or even image onto your print run and make every sleeve unique.
Similarly, coffee sleeves are ideal for adding some festive cheer to your cups. Create designs for Valentine’s, Easter and Christmas, and decorate your cups in style.

How are personalised coffee cup sleeves supplied?

We’ll supply your sleeves either with double sided tape to the tab so that you can remove the protective backing and join the sleeve, or with interlocking tabs for you to insert (no glue required). For an additional cost we can supply your sleeves fully assembled ready to slip onto the cup if required.

Should you have any questions regarding coffee cup sleeves UK orders, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

*Cups NOT Included, sleeves are non-insulating, so they will still conduct heat from hot drinks, they are to be used as a promotional marketing product. They will fit a standard 12 oz/355ml cup, large 16oz/473ml cup and Small 8oz/236ml or 4oz/118ml espresso cup.


Finished sizes: (flat) Top Width x Bottom Width x Height

  • 4oz 90mm x 75mm x 43mm
  • 8oz 116mm x 97mm x 55mm
  • 12oz 124mm x 104mm x 60mm
  • 16oz 127mm x 106mm x 60mm
  • 20oz 125mm x 110mm x 62mm


  • 4 (full) colour CMYK to one side


  • Silk paper (300-350gsm)
  • Uncoated paper (300-350gsm)
  • Kraft paper (280gsm)
  • 100% Recyled (300-350gsm)


  • Matt Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Silk Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination


  • Die cut to final size, tape applied to end tab, supplied flat
  • Die cut to final size, taped and made up
  • Die cut to final size with interlocking tabs, supplied flat

Foiling Choose from one of Ten

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Rose Gold
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue


Are custom coffee cup sleeves heat resistant?
No, they’re function is to add your branding to a generic cup
Can you make a reusable coffee cup sleeve?
Our coffee cup sleeves are designed to be single-use, however if you opt for a denser paper stock you will be able to reuse your sleeve.
Can you describe your paper options?

We offer several different paper stock options for our custom printed coffee cups, including a 300gsm Silk stock. Silk stock is a coated paper with a mild sheen finishing. It is soft-to-the-touch and can be written on with a standard ballpoint pen. We also create coffee cups in an uncoated 350gsm stock. This is slightly thicker than our 300gsm Silk stock and comes without the smoothness or sheen of Silk stock, but appears professional and clean cut.

For those who prefer the rustic, artisan look, we also offer a 280gsm Kraft paper. Kraft paper is ideal for the eco-conscious as it is fully recycled, unbleached and recyclable. The natural brown-flecked card stock is ideal for ‘cottage industry’ products and the environmentally-friendly business.

Why don’t you offer the thick corrugated cup sleeves?

Unfortunately, the thick paper stock used for corrugated cup sleeves are too thick to go through our printing presses so we are unable to offer them at this time.

However, our stocks are all non-thermo, meaning they will offer you fantastic protection against heat. All our stocks are fully customisable and are designed for fun or promotional one-off uses. Create your own custom design or take advantage of our FREE in-house design services for this product.

Are the paper stocks recycled / recyclable?

All of our coffee cup sleeve stocks are recyclable, simply pop into your blue bin after use.

Our Kraft stock is a completely eco-friendly: it is fully recycled, unbleached and can be recycled again after use. Our uncoated and Silk stocks comes from mixed FSC approved sources, so they too contain variable percentages of recycled fibres.

What’s the difference between a taped or interlocking finish?

Both types of sleeve are machine die cut to a tapered shape. The taped coffee cup sleeve contains an end tab for a small piece of tape that sticks the sleeve together, whereas the interlocking cup sleeve includes two slits on both ends that interlock and join the sleeve together.

The taped version has a clean finish while the interlocking has two tabs that can be turned in or face outwards, giving you a less clean line to your cup sleeve. The taped option is more expensive in large quantities due to the extra manual process of adding the tape to the sleeve.

I like the sound of free design! What does this entail?

As the sleeves have a small surface area we can add a design to your sleeve for free! We offer 1 design containing layout and typography, using existing company logos and brand elements. Our free design service means that your artwork will be print-ready and up to the highest standard. We also proof the design thoroughly, ensuring there are no mistakes as your sleeves go to print.

Do you print the sleeves on a digital or litho press?
We print on both digital and litho presses, depending on the quantity of your order. These days the quality of litho and digital presses are nearly indistinguishable, however litho is a better option for speed and colour consistency for large volume print runs.
Do you supply coffee cups?

Unfortunately we are not currently able to produce or provide cups, just the sleeves.

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