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At BetterPrinting, we are committed to making our print sustainability… better! With the launch of our ecoprint range, we’re offering our most popular printed products, with the same great quality and customisation options, but in eco-friendly materials. We employ many different protocols to ensure that our eco printing is sustainable, green and eco-conscious.

Ecoprint: our environmentally-conscious range of products

Our environmentally-friendly range of products are all eco-printed. Our paper products are fully recyclable and made from your choice of recycled or Kraft paper. We’ve even created banners that are PVC free, using a material called ‘Envirotech’.
Our ecoprint range is dedicated to reducing plastic and being kinder to the environment. Plus, we use vegetable based inks for our lithographic print and carbon neutral couriers to deliver your eco-conscious products (with FREE delivery!).

Recyclable packaging recycle logo

It’s not much use having eco friendly products if they arrive in copious amounts of plastic packaging! That’s why we’ve taken steps to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging boxes are recycled and can be recycled again in domestic recycling, and we limit the amount of plastic needed to protect your product by using eco-friendly, recyclable paper packaging.
You can read more about our eco-friendly packaging on our page here.

Sustainably sourced paper: FSC logo

All our paper comes from FSC approved suppliers – not just the paper stocks we use in our ecoprint range! This means that all our paper comes from sustainable sources. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) ensures that the paper stocks are sustainable, animals are protected, local communities are treated fairly and that the overall ecosystem is not negatively affected by harvesting paper. They also contribute to fair wages for local workers.

Recycling at work

As printers, we do sadly generate some waste. Using ink carriages and paper – we’re going to have some items to dispose of. Luckily, we are able to recycle all our paper stocks and can do the same with our ink cartridges, through partnerships with specialist companies.
This means that all our printing waste goes on to be recycled and ultimately reused.

Giving back: World Land Trust

We know that despite having ecoprinted products and recyclable packaging, there’s still a negative effect on the environment that is inherent in the printing industry. We’ve decided to offset our unavoidable emissions by giving back. Amongst other charitable giving, this year we donated 120 trees to the World Land Trust, alongside 6 acres of land, which will allow this fantastic charity to protect the wildlife and ecosystems therein.

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