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Bollard Covers: Transform Your Premises with Heavy-Duty Advertising

Printed bollard covers are an exceptional way to leverage otherwise unused space on your premises. Capitalise on the strategic positioning of bollards—a space guaranteed to see high footfall—and grab the attention of your captive audience with custom printed bollard covers designed to promote your products, events, and services. Our heavy-duty bollard protectors not only enhance pedestrian safety but also serve as vibrant beacons for outdoor advertising.

Bollard Cover Printing Options Tailored for Promotional Impact

Our versatile bollard covers come in a broad array of sizes, from 250mm to 1200mm in height. With a simple input of your bollard’s specifications into our calculator, the perfect custom size will be automatically generated for you.

Choose from three distinct shapes: triangular, rectangular, and slip-on. Our triangular bollard covers, fabricated from sturdy Correx, offer three sides for displaying advertising messages, making them perfect for promoting your brand from every angle while providing additional space around the bollards. Rectangular covers present four sides, ideal for a sequential marketing message across a series of square bollards. Slip-on covers feature a front and back display, printed on 750 micron Priplak plastic for ease of display and versatility. All options are designed to be durable, waterproof, and printed with UV-resistant inks to ensure your advertising remains impactful, regardless of the weather.

Versatile Uses for Enhanced Marketing and Safety

Beyond advertising, our custom bollard covers are perfect for a variety of applications. Imprint them with your branding, logos, and custom printed messages, including QR codes that link directly to your online platforms, making it easier for customers to engage with your promotions and learn more about your offerings. Utilise them as safety signs to prevent vehicular access to pedestrian areas or as informative posts detailing operational hours and parking regulations.

Engage in interactive marketing by telling a story with sequential designs on each bollard cover, perfect for promoting multiple products or celebrating seasonal events right outside your shop. With our free templates or in-house design services, creating a custom look has never been easier.

Supply and Support for Your Bollard Sleeves Advertising Needs

Supplied flat for convenience with all necessary fasteners for quick assembly, our bollard covers are compatible with both concrete and metal bollards. Whether you’re enhancing your premises with printed bollard sleeves, triangular bollard covers, or custom printed barrier enhancements, our products are designed to meet your needs.

For any inquiries related to bollard cover printing, whether within the UK or internationally, our friendly team is ready to assist. Embrace the power of promotional bollard covers to transform your outdoor advertising strategy and make your premises stand out.



  • Sizes of your covers are determined by the size of the bollard they are covering!
  • Simply enter your bollard size into the template maker
  • The maximum bollard height is 1200mm
  • The maximum bollard diameter is 250mm


  • Printed in 4 colour to one side using UV lightfast waterproof ink


  • Triangular 4mm Weather proof Correx Board
  • Square 4mm Weather proof Correx Board
  • Slip Over 750 micron (0.75mm thick) Priplak plastic


  • Trimmed to final size
  • Triangular and Square Push rivets applied
  • Slip Over Snap rivets applied


Can I have a different message on each side?
When it comes to bollard cover printing, the possibilities are endless! You can have an entirely different design on each side, or the same on all, or any combination. You can change small elements like text or QR codes, or the entire overall design.
How do you install bollard covers?
Bollard cover installation is simple and quick to do. Wrap your cover around the bollard and push any rivets (pre supplied) into their pre-drilled holes, or if you opt for the interlocking tabs, simply wrap and fasten.
Are these bollard covers weatherproof?
Yes – each bollard cover is waterproof and printed with UV-safe inks, which means your artwork won’t fade in the sunlight.
Can bollard covers be reused?
Yes – remove the rivets or unlink the tabs and store flat in a cool, dry environment until you’re ready to use again. Invest in Correx bollard covers to reuse time and time again – to promote a sale or recurring event or just to decorate your shop front. Reusing your signage will keep your costs and environmental impact down; helping you to keep eco friendly and in budget!
How do I get in touch?
Should you have any questions regarding bollard covers, don’t hesitate to contact us or call on 023 8087 8037.

Bollard Covers - Outdoor Advertising

50 Message Uses for Correx Bollard Sleeve Covers?

  1. Branding Promotions: Custom printed covers to promote brand identity on premises.
  2. Outdoor Advertising: Utilise waterproof and weatherproof sleeves for durable outdoor marketing.
  3. Seasonal Displays: Change covers seasonally to advertise current offers or seasonal messages.
  4. Way-finding Signage: Use printed bollard covers as directional signage in large complexes or events.
  5. Safety Messaging: Highlight safety messages or warnings in high-traffic areas.
  6. Queue Management: Employ different coloured sleeves to guide queues or delineate spaces.
  7. Product Launches: Promote new products with eye-catching printed covers.
  8. Event Marketing: Custom covers for events, providing branding and directional information.
  9. Sponsorship Display: Showcase sponsors at events or venues on bollard covers.
  10. Cultural Installations: Use artistically designed covers to contribute to public art initiatives.
  11. Barrier Enhancement: Make safety barriers more visually appealing with custom covers.
  12. Triangular Advertising: Utilise triangular bollard covers for a unique advertising shape.
  13. Custom Size Promotions: Tailor covers to fit any bollard diameter for specific promotional needs.
  14. Eco-Friendly Messages: Use correx bollard covers to promote environmental or sustainable initiatives.
  15. Historical Markers: Cover bollards near historical sites with information about the location.
  16. Discount Announcements: Announce shop discounts or special offers through sleeve advertising.
  17. Interactive QR Codes: Print QR codes on covers for interactive content or promotions.
  18. Pavement Sign Alternatives: Use freestanding bollard covers as movable pavement signs.
  19. Social Media Campaigns: Promote hashtags or social media campaigns on bollard covers.
  20. Parking Lot Navigation: Guide drivers in parking lots with numbered or colour-coded covers.
  21. Construction Site Safety: Utilise heavy-duty covers for safety messaging at construction sites.
  22. Public Service Announcements: Share important community messages or health advisories.
  23. Real Estate Advertising: Promote properties or open houses with strategically placed bollard covers.
  24. Tourist Information: Provide maps, attractions, or walking tour stops on covers in tourist areas.
  25. Fitness Trail Markers: Mark distances or exercise stations along outdoor fitness trails.
  26. Garden and Park Guides: Identify plants, trees, or garden features with informative covers.
  27. School Spirit: Showcase school colours, logos, or mascots on campus bollards.
  28. Museum Exhibits: Use covers to extend exhibit information or themes into outdoor spaces.
  29. Transportation Schedules: Display bus, train, or shuttle schedules on transit platform bollards.
  30. Bicycle Lane Protection: Enhance visibility of bollards protecting bike lanes with bright, reflective covers.
  31. Retail Window Displays: Extend window display themes to exterior bollards for cohesive branding.
  32. Hospitality Welcomes: Hotels and restaurants can use covers for valet services or welcome messages.
  33. Pet-Friendly Areas: Mark pet-friendly zones or dog park boundaries with thematic bollard covers.
  34. Recycling and Waste Sorting: Use colour-coded covers to indicate different recycling or waste categories.
  35. Parking Reservations: Identify reserved parking spaces or electric vehicle charging stations.
  36. Sports Team Support: Display team colours or logos during sporting seasons or events.
  37. Library Promotions: Promote library programs, events, or new book arrivals on nearby bollards.
  38. Local Business Highlights: Feature local businesses or artisans in community areas.
  39. Public Transportation Way-finding: Mark bus stops or transit routes with clearly labeled covers.
  40. Zoo Exhibits: Enhance zoo exhibits with animal facts or conservation messages on nearby bollards.
  41. Waterfront Safety: Use covers to post water safety rules or life jacket reminders along waterfronts.
  42. Emergency Evacuation Routes: Clearly mark evacuation routes in critical areas with noticeable covers.
  43. Barrier-Free Access Awareness: Promote awareness for barrier-free access points in public spaces.
  44. Stadium Entry Guides: Direct fans to their sections or entries at sports and entertainment venues.
  45. Pedestrian Zone Marking: Delineate pedestrian-only zones in mixed-use areas with distinct covers.
  46. Festival Themes: Incorporate festival themes or artist line-ups on bollards throughout the event space.
  47. Coffee Shop Specials: Advertise daily specials or seasonal drinks on bollards near cafes.
  48. Art Fair Directions: Guide visitors through art fair layouts with creatively designed covers.
  49. Community Board Announcements: Use covers as a community board for local events, meetings, or classes.
  50. Health and Fitness Challenges: Promote community health
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