Paper sizes

The printing industry uses some standard sizes for paper and envelopes, below is a list of the most common with diagrams of how they relate in size to each other.

Paper sheet sizes:

(all sizes in milimeters)

A0841 x 1189
A1594 x 841
A2420 x 594
A3297 x 420
A4210 x 297
A5148 x 210
A6105 x 148
A774 x 105
DL99 x 210
B1720 x 1020
B2520 x 720
SRA1649 x 900
SRA2450 x 640
SRA3320 x 450
Standard Printing Paper Sizes


Envelope Sizes:

(all sizes in milimeters)

C3324 x 458
C4229 x 324
C5162 x 229
C6114 x 162
DL110 x 220
Standard Envelope Sizes