A4 Wiro Bound Books

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A4 Wiro Bound Books

Create your own eye-catching a4 wiro bound books!

Traditional binding techniques bind the pages together at the spine and so they have to be held open to stay on any one particular page. With wire bound books however, the pages can move freely round the spine and lie flat or fold back on themselves, and an A4 size is perfect for manuals, wiro bound brochures or recipe books.

A4 wiro bound book printing options

With wiro bound printing, you can fully customise your A4 wire notepads. Choose your ideal number of pages and opt for full colour, Pantone (best for matching logos and company branding) or black and white, single or double sided, printing. Pick your binding type and wire colour, and even choose which edge is bound!

Our A4 wiro bound book pages are printed on 130gsm silk paper as standard (300gsm for the cover). However, you can also choose from Gloss, Uncoated (best for writing), Recycled and Kraft papers. We are FSC certified, so all our stocks come from a responsible source, but if you’re looking to create extra eco-friendly Wiro Bound Brochures, we’d recommend going for Recycled or Kraft – the latter being recycled, recyclable and naturally brownish in hue as it hasn’t been bleached. Your wirobound notepad can have common pages (where every page is the same) or individually printed pages – allowing you to have different designs, details or page numbers on each individual leaf.

And with wire bound brochure printing, we can add numerous finishing options to your design. Add lamination to your cover – providing durability and additional aesthetic, or opt for drill holes. You can even add perforation to your wirobound book pages – allowing for ease of removal or even tear out coupons or vouchers. Our A4 wiro bound books are available in either portrait or landscape.

Create your own A4 wire bound brochure design using our free, downloadable wiro bound brochures templates or take advantage of our in house design services.

Alternative A4 wire bound brochure uses

With our wiro bound printing services, the sky’s the limit! We can create virtually any design that you can think of – so why not get creative? Wiro bound brochures will help make an impact and set you apart from the competition. And with wire bound brochure printing, we can even make each individual page unique! So alongside page numbers, you can include interesting factoids in the margin, contact details, social media links and much more! You can even print each page within your wire bound brochure with an individual QR code linking your potential customer to an online point of sale.

A4 wire spine books are the perfect size for wiro bound brochures, but they can also be used as:

  • Daily planners
  • Calendars
  • To do lists
  • Training manuals
  • Journals
  • Sketchpads… and much more!

Our custom printed A4 wiro bound brochures come with fast, free delivery and quick order turnaround.

Should you have any questions regarding an A4 wire bound brochure UK order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.



  • A4 210mm x 297mm
  • Portrait or Landscape


  • 4 (full) colour CMYK
  • 5 colour (4 colour CMYK + 1 pantone colour)
  • 6 colour (4 colour CMYK + 2 pantone colours)
  • Pantone colours (upto 5)
  • Black throughout

Internal pages:

  • Silk paper (90-400gsm)
  • Gloss paper (90-400gsm)
  • Uncoated paper (80-400gsm)
  • Premium Uncoated paper (90-450gsm)
  • Recycled paper (80-350gsm)
  • Kraft paper (100 280gsm)

Cover pages:

  • Silk paper (200-400gsm)
  • Gloss paper (200-400gsm)
  • Uncoated paper (250-400gsm)
  • Premium Uncoated paper (200-450gsm)
  • Recycled paper (200-350gsm)
  • Kraft paper (225-325gsm)
  • Conquerer (300-400gsm)

Lamination: (Cover only)

  • Matt Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Silk Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination


  • Trimmed to final size
  • Hole punched ready for binding


  • Wiro Bound
  • Canadian Bound
  • Half Canadian Binding

Wire colour choices:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue

Additional options:

  • Perforations For tear out parts
  • Drill Holes 1, 2 or 4
  • Euro Slot Hole Standard or Large


Can I have a section with my brochure text and a section somewhere for notes?
Can I use different paper types on different pages, e.g gloss stock for the brochure text and uncoated for the notes section?
Will I have to pay VAT on my wirobound book?
Generally speaking, if the book is designed to be written in then VAT applies. If the book is acting as a marketing brochure then VAT doesn’t usually apply. More information can be found on the Government’s website.
Can I have tabs in my book?
Yes, please contact us for a price
Can some of the pages be shorter than others?
Yes, pages can be shorter either vertically or horizontally (or both). Please contact us for a quote.
I have a mixture of colour and black only pages. Which option do I choose to find the price?
You will need to select the full colour option
How do I know if my inner pages are common or unique?
Common pages means that all pages are printed the same and this typically is the case for note pads. If all pages are unique then all the pages are different and this would typically be the case for a brochure or diary.
What are some other names for wirebound books?
We call our product wirebound notepads, as we think that accurately presents the clearest view of their USP. However, wirobound books go by plenty of other names including: Wiro books, Acetate Covered Books, Spiral Bound Books, Coil Binding and Wiro Bound Documents.
How do I get in touch?
Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call on 023 8087 8037.

Wiro Bound Books


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