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Express Service: Personalised Packaging

We are aware that sometimes you need things quickly due to business needs. Within 5 working days, we can deliver your personalised package sleeves or custom printed belly bands! Just place an online order, upload your print-ready artwork, and let us do the rest!

Please confirm that your order complies with our express order requirements so that we can guarantee we can reach our guaranteed 5-day turnaround time:

  • Quantity: Under 500 sleeves
  • Size: One-part sleeves (no larger than A2 sheet size)
  • Artwork: One version (single sided)
  • Finishing: Will be supplied taped and flat (no assembly)
  • Extras: No optional extras (lamination, foiling etc) can be added

We provide a variety of paper alternatives when buying express branded packaging, including: silk, gloss, uncoated, recyclable, and Kraft. For orders with a quick turnaround, we are unable to provide our selection of box board stock.

When ordering your Express Service Box Wraps, keep the following in mind:

  • Your print-ready artwork should have a 20mm tab added; this will be the taped tab used to keep your sleeves closed.
  • To ensure that we know where to score your sleeve design, be sure to note the fold lines on your artwork (ideally set as a separate layer)
  • Please make sure the sleeve size is correct. We cannot verify the size since we don’t have one of your boxes.

We can help with everything from book sleeves to food packaging to gift box sleeves to just spicing up your current packing box design.

Please be aware that with our normal turnaround box sleeves and belly bands, we provide a box checking service. We advise mailing us your box if this is your first order or new box. We can give you a mock-up (unprinted) sleeve to make sure it fits if you don’t have a spare box.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy and fit of your purchase if you decide to place one without giving us your box or goods.

Order before 10 a.m. today to have your sleeves with custom printing in 5 working days!



  • All Boxes are different sizes
  • Enter your dimensions in the calculator for a price
  • WE WILL NEED you to send in your box for a template
  • We will create a mock up sleeve to Exactly fit your dimensions
  • A template will be emailed to you for your artwork / design
  • Please allow 5 days for the template process


  • 4 (full) colour CMYK
  • 5 colour (4 colour CMYK + 1 pantone colour)
  • 6 colour (4 colour CMYK + 2 pantone colours)
  • Pantone colours (upto 5)
  • Black throughout


  • Silk paper (170-450gsm)
  • Gloss paper (170-400gsm)
  • Uncoated paper (170-450gsm)
  • 100% Recycled (200-350gsm)
  • Box Board single sided (255-380gsm)
  • Box Board double sided (215-450gsm)
  • Kraft Paper (170-280gsm)
  • Food Safe Box Board single sided (290-340gsm)


  • Matt Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Silk Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination


  • Trimmed to final size
  • Taped and supplied flat
  • Taped and assembled

Additional options:

  • Die Cutting (For custom shapes)
  • Spot UV (Matt or Gloss)
  • Foiling (choose from 10 colours)


How will I know what size box sleeve will fit my box?
Use the free calculator tool on this page – pop in the dimensions of the box you’d like to cover and your size will be generated for you.
Would we add our designs to the template and send the mock up back to you, or do we need to supply just the images and text to the design team and they add them to the template?
As standard our designer will send you the artwork template for you to add the design and send back to us. If you’d prefer to send you files to us for our designer to create the artwork then this is fine but there may be a small charge.
Your Artwork Guide says ” If using one of our templates you should either remove the template before supplying or leave it as a separate layer”. What does this mean?
This is a safeguard to ensure that the template doesn’t accidentally get printed. One file should be supplied with the template lines included and one file with the template removed.
Should I wait to receive the template and add our designs to them before making payment or do I need to pay first.
It’s best to make payment as soon as possible to avoid delays in production, however if you’d prefer to wait for the artwork template before making payment then this is fine.
What if I don’t want the sleeve to completely cover the box?
When using the calculator, pop the desired sleeve width in instead of the box width- this will create a thinner band that will still get round your box.
Why do i need to send my box in?
Measuring your box carefully with a ruler can give a fairly decent result but when you factor in the stretch of paper and the scoring process a couple of millimetre difference can drastically alter the fit of your sleeve!
Thats why with our bespoke tailored service we will do an actual mock up sleeve using your box and a silk stock paper on our scoring machine to create an accurate template.
Why are some sleeves printed in sections?
We can print a maximum paper width of 700mm, so if you have a longer box sleeve we may need to print in two sections and neatly join them with tape to accommodate.
Also shorter runs are generally printed on our digital press for cost effectiveness, this has a maximum printing width of 440mm so any short run sleeve over 440mm in length may be printed and joined in two parts also.
Head to foot or side to side?
Depending on which way you turn your box can effect on how you would set up your artwork, specifically the panel that sits on the bottom.
This can be a subjective choice but we would recommend if the box is small and can be turned with one hand then the artwork should be set up side to side, for a larger box we would advise setting up the bottom panel so it is viewed from head to foot as people would tend to hold these with both hands. See diagrams below for set up guide or get in touch if you need more assistance.
diagram showing artwork layout for small box sleeve diagram showing artwork layout for big box sleeve
How do I get in touch?
Should you have any questions regarding box sleeves, don’t hesitate to contact us or call on 023 8087 8037.

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