C5 Envelopes

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C5 Envelopes

C5 envelopes are a popular choice when it comes to sending larger documents, such as A5-sized papers, brochures, catalogues and unfolded letters. These envelopes provide ample space for your materials, measuring approximately 162 mm x 229 mm (6.4 inches x 9 inches). With their versatile size, C5 envelopes offer an excellent solution for both personal and professional mailing needs. Whether you’re sending important business documents or invitations to a special event, C5 envelopes provide a professional and polished presentation.

Their standardized dimensions ensure compatibility with various stationery items, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of correspondence. Create custom printed C5 envelopes that reflect your branding here.

C5 Envelope printing options

C5 envelopes measure 162mm x 229mm.

Personalize your envelopes by creating your own design and artwork, or simply adding your logo and contact details. You can also customise your c5 envelopes by selecting from a diverse range of colors, including options like blue, pink, yellow and green. Use the convenient pricing tool available on the opposite side of the page to effortlessly choose your desired colour and receive an instant quote. Moreover, tailor your envelopes to your specific needs by opting for either window or non-window envelopes, ensuring they perfectly align with your business requirements. The choice is yours, offering a seamless and customized solution for your mailing endeavors.

Personalised envelopes can be printed in either full colour or black. Add variable data printing for all your mailing requirements; simply provide your data and we’ll do the rest.

Design your printed envelope artwork by utilizing our collection of free, downloadable envelope templates, or opt for our in-house design services.

Top tip! Looking for differently sized envelopes? View our DL envelopes, C6 envelopes and larger C4 envelopes.

Should you have any questions regarding a printed envelopes UK order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



  • C5 – 162mm x 229mm*
  • C4 – 229mm x 324mm*

Colour: We can print to edges but do not recommend it, instead allow a 10mm white border to all edges

  • 4 colour to front only
  • Black to front only


  • High Quality 100g peel and seal envelopes all non window only


  • Boxed in suitable cartons

Available Upgrades: Please Call To Discuss*

We can print and personalise each envelope with variable data at an additional cost of £20 for all your mailing requirements, simply provide your data in a CSV or EXCEL file format and we do the rest. Our studio is on hand to help

Mailing Service:
With access to Royal Mail and Whistle Posting services why not leave us to take car of the mailing for you, simply call or e mail to discuss what we can do for you.

* Upgrades are optional extras and will cost more than the standard prices.


Can you match my business stationery and envelopes?

Yes!We can match your envelope letterhead printing to ensure your branding stays the same across the board. Similarly, we can ensure your business cards, letterhead, envelopes printing designs match perfectly! Create personalised stationery with envelopes to match!

Why can’t I choose a window envelope?
Custom printed window envelopes aren’t compatible with our digital press – for window envelopes, please get in touch directly.
Are there any options to have different envelope sizes, styles and weights?
Yes – this would incur additional costs and would probably not be cost effective for small orders. However, please do get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements – we’d be happy to help!
How do you produce printed envelopes so cheaply?
As an experienced envelope printing company, we’ve learnt that cheap printed envelopes don’t have to compromise on quality. We create your design from our factory in Southampton – from the customer enquiry, to the graphic designer, to the print – it all happens under one roof. This allows us to keep costs down, and pass on the savings to the customer. We produce high quality envelopes, without the high price tag!
How do I get in touch?
Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call on 023 8087 8037.

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