Sustainable printing for a better environment

Choose an environmentally responsible printing company for your next print run, we have adopted several procedures to minimise impact on the environment - and we’re always monitoring our progress to identify new eco-friendly methods and areas of improvement.

Printing inks

Our lithographic printing inks are 100% vegetable-based, and all of our toner and ink cartridges are recycled.

We are also working hard to reduce our energy consumption and limit the use of harmful chemicals. Recently, we installed a new printing plate system that uses fewer chemicals and produces no waste water - in addition to using energy more efficiently.

All of our waste aluminium plates used on our litho printing presses are collected and recyled by a local recycling company.

tins of vegetable inks


Our paper is sourced through reputable paper merchants only and comes from sustainably managed forests.

As part of the Inprint Group, We are fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC®). The organisation tracks all paper materials from the forest to the consumer and products displaying the FSC® label are sourced from legitimately managed forests via reputable paper merchants.

An environmental statement is held for all our “house” stocks, and all waste paper is recycled by our specialist recycling partners. For more information on the FSC label, visit the official FSC website.

printed press sheet of environmental pictures

Zero carbon deliveries

Parcel delivery is a major contributor to carbon emissions.

All product deliveries are fulfilled by our courier DPD Local, who are committed to offsetting carbon emissions via a combination of fuel-efficient driving, greater load capacities and the financing of cleaner energy solution - with no extra cost to the consumer.

To find out more about the company’s commitment to carbon-neutral deliveries, visit the DPD website.

delivery driver with parcels

All this goes to helping us fulfil our commitment to the environment with every print job