Printed Hangers

Use custom printed door hangers to advertise your services in a hotel, spa or hostel. Use personalised bottleneck hangers to offer promotions in a retail environment.
Whatever the style, printed hangers are effective, eye-catching and unusual. Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishing options.

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Hanger FAQ’s

What are door hangers used for?
Door hangers are used as a form of advertising or communication to hang on the handle of a door. They can be used to promote a business, event, or offer a special discount.
Can door hangers be printed on both sides?
Yes, door hangers can be printed on both sides. This can be useful for providing additional information or making the hanger more visually appealing.
Can I use the waterproof hangers outdoors?
Yes, the tags are fully waterproof and are very robust.
I want to use the hangers outside but I’m worried they’ll blow away in the wind?
A waterproof tag which can be tied on may be a more suitable option
Does it cost more if I want different print on each side?
No, just click the double sided option on the pricing tool.
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