Parking Permit Scratch Cards

Take the stress out of parking administration and access control, with bespoke-printed parking permit scratch cards from Better Printing.

These handy scratch card permits are ideal for all kinds of commercial, residential and temporary parking schemes, enabling patrons to simply scratch off their date and time of arrival to validate their parking - all from the comfort of their vehicle.

Scratch card parking permits offer a more economical, flexible solution for everyone; patrons can make short-term occasional visits without paying out for a long-term parking pass, and you can maintain strict access control without installing permanent parking meter terminals. They’re great for hosting contractors during a construction site build, or enticing customers to your business with the allure of free parking.

With Better Printing, you’re free to fully customise your cards with your own artwork, dimensions, shapes, monochrome and full colour inks, material specs and finishing extras. Barcodes and QR codes can be printed onto your cards for easy integration with electronic validation and access control systems - and you can even print unique codes to each individual card in your print run to stamp out fraudsters.

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