Heat Reveal (then hide) Scratch Cards

Presenting the next evolution of scratchcards - ‘heat and reveal’ card printing from Better Printing!

These innovative printed cards offer a fun, interactive way to get potential customers and partners engaging with your brand. Simply place a finger or thumb on top of the pad and watch as your body heat reveals the message underneath!

It’s all thanks to clever ‘thermochromic’ heat-sensitive ink, which stays opaque at room temperature and temporarily turns transparent when things get cozy. Thermosensitive ink offers the suspense of a scratchcard without the messy latex residue; and since the ink can be reactivated again and again, your message can remain a surprise for each and every person!

Heat and reveal printing is perfect for creating show-stopping business cards, versatile multi-use scratchcards, or as a security/verification feature for vouchers and tickets. Plus, Better Printing can provide thermosensitive printing for brochures, booklets, flyers, leaflets and plenty of other products in our range.

‘Chill-and-reveal’ printing is also available on request - perfect as an on-pack promotional gimmick for all sorts of refrigerated foods and drinks.

And as always, you can customise your print even further with your own unique specifications - artwork, size, shape, material, finishing options and more!

Take a look at our standard thermochromic card printing prices below; or if you have a more specific print project in mind, contact our print experts on 023 8087 8037
or at info@betterprinting.co.uk for a quote.

How does thermochromic ink work?

Thermochromic ink uses clever heat-sensitive dyes called leuco dyes, which react and become translucent at certain temperatures. Your cards are printed with a layer of regular ink, followed by a layer of thermochromic ink on the desired areas of your design; when the ink turns clear at temperature, the artwork underneath is temporarily revealed, then hidden again as the ink’s temperature returns to normal.

What temperature will activate the heat-and-reveal effect?

Our standard cards are activated at body temperature, so you can place a thumb or finger over the heat-sensitive areas of your design to reveal them. Alternatively, Better Printing can provide ‘chill-to-reveal’ inks which are activated at lower temperatures - get in touch to find out more!

Will laminating my cards prevent the heat-sensitive ink from working?

Don’t worry; Better Printing can supply your cards with lamination for added protection, which won’t affect the heat-to-reveal functionality of the thermochromic ink. (We recommend adding lamination to your order to protect the thermochromic ink from damage.)

Is heat-sensitive printing compatible with any other finishing extras offered by Better Printing?

Unfortunately you can’t add things like foiling or spot UV gloss varnish on top of the heat-sensitive areas of your design - but Better Printing can certainly add these extras to any parts of your card which aren’t printed with the thermochromic ink.

Can heat-sensitive printed cards be recycled?

Thermochromic heat sensitive ink is 100% recycled. Please note that your local recycling centre may not accept cards with lamination or other finishing extras.

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