Folding Styles

Folded leaflets offer a brilliantly versatile way to promote products and services or events in way that maximizes the use of space as well as organises content in a logical fashion. They are also an affordable and cost effective marketing tool – which probably accounts for their popularity as a direct marketing method.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a leaflet fold is simply a matter of folding paper in half – but it is oh so much more than that. And what is more, different folds can have different advantages depending on the purpose and intent of the leaflet as well as the content and the intended audience.

So that’s a good place to start – understand your leaflet needs, and then use our guide to pick the right type of fold for you.

tri folded leaflet
leaflet half fold style


This a very simple but popular fold as when opened it has expansive space that is ideal of text and imagery that needs to stretch out across the page. It is also good for event leaflets as the space can enable larger text fonts to be used.
Also known as a Half / 4pp single panel fold.

roll fold leaflet


A Roll Fold is folding method that uses a succession of vertical folds to create multiple panels, inner pages are usually set a few millimetres shorter, starting at the furthest page on the right to allow for the fold not to bulk out, when folded to its actual document size.
Common roll folds are a 6 page A4 or an 8 page DL, a roll fold can also be referred to as a barrel fold.

concertina folded leaflet


Also know as Accordion fold, this is definitely a brilliant option for a leaflet that needs to take up less space when folded but needs more content space. This folds up to a slim-line finish so is tidy and compact but opens up to provide the space for substantial information.
It is therefore a very practical solution for leaflets that have various sections of information on a variety of topics or services.
It is less suited to events or promotions where too much information is off putting but better for leaflets that are intended to be kept and to be longer lasting – so the paper quality and finish is important for these too.

cross fold leaflet


A cross fold leaflet is folded in half both vertically and horizontally, so when opened up the scores give the appearance of a cross.
Ideally suited for a large document such as a map, that can have a lot of information, then be folded neatly away.

gate fold leaflet


This is a fold that has the left and right edges folding inwards which both sides meet in the middle of the page without any overlapping. This type of fold is extremely popular with weddings and special events.
Also known as a Window Fold, it genrally consisits of 6 pages with the inner page being the biggest and the 2 side pages being half the size.

closed gate fold leaflet


Similar to the gate fold above and sometimes referred to as a double gatefold, this method contains an additional crease in the centre to fold the leaflet in half again making it more compact, then when unfolded you have eight pages, all the same size.
Closed gate folds are popular as mailers and can be flipped vertically or horizontally and have portrait or landscape finishing orientation to create a wide range of unique styles.

If you are unsure about folding styles or have any questions then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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