Capacity Explained

Capacity relates to the spine depth of folded printed items such as brochures, folders and document corners. It refers to how many pages can fit inside comfortably. Capacity can vary based on thickness of the paper used.

How much capacity do I need?

*Capacity information below is based on 100-150gsm standard paper sheets.

  • No Capacity/Zero Capacity – These flat spine folded products can hold between 1 – 10 pages making them ideal for contracts, information sheets and other lightweight documents.
  • 3mm Capacity – With a 3mm spine depth, these can hold up to 25 sheets of paper. Keep your documents safe and secure, presented neatly, safely and securely.
  • 5mm Capacity – 5mm capacity products are able to hold between 20 – 40 sheets of paper. Although they are able to hold under 20 sheets, this can make them look underwhelming so we would recommend using a lower capacity folder for under 20 sheets.
  • 7mm Capacity – The 7mm spine depth allows for 40 – 60 sheets to sit comfortably inside. Documents will be accessible and well protected.
  • 10mm Capacity – For a large capacity, able to hold 50 – 70 sheets. Ideal for large contracts and detailed agreements. The larger capacity is ideal for storing all your papers, documents and files in one place. This can be particularly useful if you like to keep everything together, or if your office space is limited.
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If you are unsure about paper capacity or have any questions then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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