Stapled Brochures

Saddle stitched brochures are a popular and versatile printing option for a variety of needs. They are also commonly referred to as stapled brochures because of the way they are bound together using staples along the spine of the folded pages.

These brochures are perfect for a wide range of applications, including programmes, manuals, catalogues, and more. They are also available in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishing options, and materials to suit any project’s specific needs.

They can also be printed on a variety of materials, including eco-friendly paper stocks, which is becoming increasingly important to many consumers.

stapled brochures

Stapled Brochure FAQ’s

What is a printed stapled brochure?
A printed stapled brochure is a booklet or pamphlet that is bound together with staples. It is a popular promotional tool used by businesses to showcase their products or services.
How many pages can a printed stapled brochure have?
The number of pages that a printed stapled brochure can have depends on the thickness of the paper and the number of folds. Generally, a printed stapled brochure can have up to 40 pages, but this can vary depending on the design and printing process.
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