Wobblers: the what, the why and the how



If you’ve indulged in any retail therapy lately you’ve probably seen a wobbler or 2 and maybe even been tempted to buy because of one, but we’re guessing the term ‘wobbler’ is new to you.

To clear up any confusion and answer any questions here is our comprehensive guide to the what, the when and the why of wobblers.

Introducing ‘The Wobbler’.

So what exactly is a wobbler? A wobbler is a small sign or tag with a self adhesive PVC plastic arm attached. They’re designed to hang off a shelf or till and draw attention to a particular product or special offer. Or, to put it another way, they’re a highly effective method of visual marketing.

Why are wobblers so effective?

A wobbler is so named because when customers walk past it causes the wobbler to move and catch your customers’ eyes. In a crowded retail environment such as a supermarket with hundreds of similar products to choose from, a wobbler literally reaches out to your customers and encourages them to focus on specific items.  When 80% of buying decisions are made in your shop aisles a well placed wobbler can make a massive difference.  Plus they’re durable, affordable and quick and easy to install.


How can you make your wobbler work for you?

So now you know what a wobbler is and how they work here are some ideas on how to use wobblers in your business:

a) Promote a special offer or competition

Wobblers are the ideal way to promote a competition, discount or special offer. Just add your logo and the offer or competition details to raise awareness and boost your sales.

b) Push products

If a particular product is nearing its expiration date or you need to make room for a new shipment of stock and you need to push sales, wobblers are a great way to draw attention to the product you need to shift.

c) Use QR codes to encourage customers to engage with our brand

Wobblers are perfect for promoting QR codes. They’re the ideal size, easy to print on and can be placed directly in your customers’ line of sight. Use your QR codes to link customers to your website. By posting exclusive content, a funny video, or useful and educational information, customers will want to engage with your brand and will be more likely to look out for your products in store.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to start designing your perfect wobblers today. Why not click here to see our rage of die-cut wobblers.

Remember at Better Printing we’re always here to help. If you need any advice or guidance on designing and ordering your wobblers just contact our friendly and helpful staff today on 023 8087 8037 or email: info@BetterPrinting.co.uk.

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