The Reinvention of the postcard


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The Reinvention of the postcard

We know that saying the word postcard will probably conjure up enough images of cheesy seaside scenes, cheeky snapshots and awful puns to make even the most adventurous advertisers shudder…. But we think there is something slightly magical about receiving one in the post.

Wait, hear us out!

In the age of social media, with more tweets and ‘so and so is having pasta for dinner’ status updates than you can shake a stick at, postcards are a refreshing alternative to instant communication. There is a retro appeal in this snail mail approach to communication. A postcard makes the recipient feel valued, creates a feeling of good will and gets across a message; all in a very limited amount of space.

So why not capitalise on the feeling of goodwill a post card can inspire?

This week we’re talking about the reinvention of the postcard.

No longer just a humble way to share a snapshot of your holiday with friends and family, more and more savvy marketers are becoming aware of the potential of postcards. Postcards are charming, budget friendly and will get your product or business noticed.

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When you design a postcard right the customer may even keep it; pin it on a wall or attach it to the fridge with magnet. This way, your branding will stay under their nose for as long as the postcard is kept on display.

The best thing about postcards? Their versatility.

Postcards are ideal as vouchers or gift certificates and make great invitations or save the date cards as a reminded for people about an important event or show. Artists and galleries are even turning towards selling postcards in order to get their work notice and into the homes of those who can’t afford the original pieces.

So how do you make your postcard work for you?


  1. 1.     Make sure your postcards don’t like too much like an advert.

This is the most important thing to remember; if your customers think your postcard is junk mail it will go straight in the bin. This is where your design skills have the chance to shine. Make it funny, make it colourful, and make it something you would be proud to display on your wall. Then all you need to do is add some subtle branding and you’re work is done.

  1. 2.     Include a call to action or marketing message on the back.

It is all well and good to stress about the design but you do still need a message, whether that’s prompting recipients to visit your website or reminding them of the date of your store opening.  Whatever you write, make sure to keep it short and snappy, remember there’s only so much room for text on a postcard.

  1. 3.     Use real stamps and send postcards out in smaller batches.

 Anything you can do to make your postcard personal to your individual customer will increase its impact. By using real stamps and sending your postcards in smaller batches your post card will seem less like a mass advertising ploy and your customers will feel appreciated.

  1. 4.     Post your cards on a Wednesday.

Studies have shown that direct mail is more likely to be thrown away if it is received on a Monday or Friday. So give your postcards the best chance possible and make sure they arrive in the middle of the week.

For a traditional postcard look
we recommend a heavy, 350gsm silk stock, with lamination to one side.

This is the best option if you want your postcard to look as authentic as possible. However we also have a range of different stock and finishing options if you want something a little bit more unique.

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