Let’s Take It Outside !

Outdoor printing

Let’s Take It Outside: It’s time to embrace the world of outdoor promotions.

When you’re advertising an upcoming event or product launch, it’s all very well sticking brochures, leaflets and quite possibly the kitchen sink through front doors but sometimes you need to make a bigger impact.

Step into outdoor printing.

There’s a reason why posters, banners and billboards are so popular- they’re big, bold and boost your sales.  When used in conjunction with traditional print media and social media campaigns, they’re proven to increase response rates and help create a buzz around your products or events.

Still not convinced? Here’s why we believe you should include outdoor printing in your next marketing campaign.

High Impact

Outdoor products are designed to make an impact and turn heads. The size, vibrant colours and eye-catching placement of banners, posters and signs ensure they grab the attention of passers-bys and keep your brand in the forefront of their minds.

Repeat Exposure

When you place your poster next to a railway station, at a busy junction or at the busiest part of the high street then potential customers will see it again and again on their daily commute to and from work. The more customers see an advert the more it stays in their brain and the more likely your brand and message will be remembered.

Low cost

With outdoor printing, a promotional campaign doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact it’s often the most economical way to advertise your business- the cost of outdoor media can be up to 20% lower than other forms of advertising. Just one well-placed billboard can result in increased revenue and raised brand awareness.

Wide audience

With outdoor advertising, you can generate a mass-market appeal. A newspaper or T.V advert will only reach a certain audience- those that read said paper or watch T.V at the right time. With outdoor advertising, the impact of your advert is not restricted to a certain group; anyone who walks passed your advert has the potential to become your next customer.

Localised Advertising

With outdoor advertising you’re in charge. You choose where your poster, billboard or banner is and you choose who sees it. This gives you huge potential for localised marketing. You can tailor make your adverts, allowing you to target a precise audience. The more relevant your ad, the more effective it will be.

Go Viral

Getting talked about can only mean good things for your business right? With the advent of social media a large, creative or unusual ad can go viral in a number of hours and boost your business along with it. Get your ad right and it may even end up on the news.

Advertising that doesn’t quit

With a board or poster your advertising can’t be switched off or ignored, it’s there to see whether people want to or not. Customers will repeatedly see your brand and message, ensuring your company sticks in their minds.

At Better Printing we aim to fulfil all your outdoor printing needs. That’s why we have a massive range of 28 products specifically designed for outdoor use. For more information and to explore our range of outdoor printed products, click here.

Remember at Better Printing we’re always here to help. If you have any questions or need advice on our outdoor printed products, just call us on 02380 878037 or email info@betterprinting.co.uk and one of our friendly team will be glad to help.

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