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Versatile, cost-effective and high-impact; no matter what industry you’re in, presentation folders offer the perfect print marketing companion.  But what makes them so special for shouting about your business? Here’s our top 5…

Printed folders help you make a great first impression

You only get one chance to create the right first impression. Whether you’re hosting a stall at a trade show, posting out marketing materials to addresses on your mailing list, or offering your services in a high-pressure business meeting, a bright, bold and professional folder design can help you capture attention from the moment the folder lands in the client’s hands.

Printed folders can communicate your brand identity

Branding Colourways

Your folder design presents a huge opportunity to establish your company’s visual identity, communicate your brand values and sow the seeds for future brand recognition. And it’s not just your logo; your font choices, photo imagery, shapes and even colour palettes can become a visual reminder of your brand.

Printed folders can brighten up boring document

Let’s face it; lots of important business documents are also fairly boring to read. There’s nothing particularly glamorous about a welcome letter, or an invoice, or a list of contract terms…

So how do you get your clients and partners to take notice? That’s easy; simply place the offending documents inside an attractive presentation folder (perhaps along with some more exciting marketing materials, such as a brochure or a promotional flyer) and transform plain documentation into an intriguing piece of brand communication.



Securing a deal with a handshake

Printed folders can help you close the deal

So you’ve just given the sales pitch for your company at a meeting with a potential client, and it couldn’t have gone better; but the prospects still want to discuss the deal amongst themselves before they sign on the dotted line.

How can you continue to persuade them even after the meeting is over? The answer is to leave them with a parting gift – a printed presentation folder containing all the information they need to say yes.

A well-designed folder not only offers a convenient, high-impact means of displaying your company literature, but also serves as an indication of your brand’s professionalism and attention-to-detail; all helpful for convincing prospective clients that they’re the one for you.

Printed folders offer great value for money

With prices as low as £55 for 25 custom-printed A5 folders, unlocking the marketing potential of presentation folders has never been more affordable. Take a look at our complete range of folder options here, or call Better Printing on 023 8087 8037 for a direct quote today.

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