Custom Box Sleeves & Swing Tags

Thinking of redesigning your company’s product packaging? Not so fast!

There’s plenty of situations where product packaging accessories can offer a more flexible, cost-effective alternative to redoing your product packaging from scratch. Here’s just a few of them…

Adding your branding to transparent packaging Box Sleeve Printing

Clear packaging is an absolute essential when it comes to marketing certain types of products – especially food items – but it does mean you’ll need to be a bit more strategic in your artwork design. There’s no point in having transparent packaging if your artwork or labelling obscures the items inside.

A wraparound box sleeve combines the best of transparent packaging and opaque boxes; offering space for eye-catching artwork and vital labelling information without covering up too much of your product. Consumers can even slide the sleeve to one side to reveal the entire item, helping them feel confident in what they’re buying.

Adding your branding to round or irregular-shaped packaging

Of course, box sleeves are best suited to square or rectangular containers – not so much for round objects like jars and bottles, or experimental packaging designs which follow the shape of the product itself.

Here’s where stickers and swing tags come in. A humble sticker label will conform and adhere to rounded container surfaces just as well as flat surfaces; while a swing tag will attach to anything with a simple knot or a strip of tape.

And if you’re selling bottled products in particular, printed bottleneck hangers are a great solution for drawing the customer’s eye.

Relabelling your existing inventory – without redesigning your entire packaging

Let’s say you want to modify your existing product packaging, even though it’s already been prepared for retail.

Perhaps you’re planning a limited-time on-pack promotion (such as a giveaway, money-off coupons, online discount codes etc.) but it’s not economical to revamp your standard packaging for such a short campaign.

Maybe you’re planning a product launch and want to label your product as a ‘brand new’ addition to retailers’ shelves, but you’d prefer the option to keep the label off once the product has become established in the marketplace.

Or perhaps you’re looking to place the spotlight on a new selling point of your product; such as a new recipe or formula, or a more economical packaging choice.

Box sleeves and bottleneck hangers are particularly useful here, since you can apply them on top of your existing packaging and remove them with relative ease if needed. Sticker labels are a little more tricky to get rid of, while swing tags can be easy or hard depending on whether they’ve been taped or tied onto the product.

Differentiating products with the same packaging

As your product range grows, it’s easy for the costs and logistical nightmares of your product packaging to creep up on you.

Many clients combat this with packaging consolidation; sharing the same basic packaging for multiple products in their range.

This is great for keeping things simple and cost-effective, but it also presents an additional challenge for product differentiation. How can retailers and consumers alike tell your products apart at a glance?

Once again, it’s sticker labels, box sleeves and bottleneck hangers which can come to the rescue. These items can simply stick onto or slip over generic containers to transform them into highly distinct individual products.

Coffee Cup Sleeve Adding your branding to generic third-party stock

Maybe your product range isn’t actually produced by your company, but you’re instead reselling unbranded stock from third-party manufacturers. Your products arrive with you already packaged in plain boxes or containers – you just need a way to add your branding and get them ready for the retail shelves.

The answer is simple; just slip on a box sleeve or a bottleneck hanger, or attach a sticker or swing tag, and watch your generic stock transform into retail-ready branded products.

Or perhaps you’re a food and drink vendor looking to push your brand, but the costs of ordering a run of custom-printed boxes and cups outweighs the benefits. Sticker labels are great here, but coffee cup sleeves are especially handy for adding your branding to your beverages.

Labelling products without packaging

Finally, perhaps your product reaches the consumer with no packaging container at all – for example, most clothing retailers sell their products directly on the hanger or shelf.

Here’s where stickers and swing tags really come into their own; providing a simple and non-intrusive way to add product labelling and visual branding. Box sleeves can also be handy here too, since they can wrap around some items and even help to keep loose items together.

Need a custom-printed solution to match your product packaging needs? The Better Printing team are here to help; give us a call on 023 8087 8037 or email us at to discuss your print requirements today.

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