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  1. Black Friday 2020

    Black Friday 2020

    Nowadays, we associate the term ‘Black Friday’ with shoppers keenly looking for a pre-Christmas bargain, but it wasn’t always the case. The first recorded use of the phrase was actually referring to a financial crisis. When the U.S gold market crashed on September 24th 1869, the term was born.

    More recently, the phrase was coined by American citizens for the day after Thanksgiving, which is always celebrated in the States on the fourth Thursday of November. Consequently, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season for many in America, and it’s a tradition that we in the UK have adopted in recent years.

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  2. Brighten Up Your Packaging On A Budget

    Brighten Up Your Packaging On A Budget

    Nowadays, with businesses becoming more and more environmentally conscious, companies are increasingly opting for card packaging, instead of plastic wrappings. A great step forward for the environment, the downside of using printed card packaging is that, should you wish for your design or logo to be all over the box itself, it can be quite expensive.

    But do not fear, we’ve pooled together some options for maintaining impressive packaging, without the impressive price tag. Box sleeves, stickers or note cards are a cost-friendly alternative to designed and printed card boxes, and can all be used in conjunction with cheap, bulk-bought, generic packaging.

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