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  1. Strut Cards / Show Cards: The what, the how, the why bother.

    Strut Cards / Show Cards: The what, the how, the why bother.


    ‘What’s so great about strut cards and why do I need them?’ We hear you ask. Well you’ve got a point. In the age of digital advertising, with flashing lights and more bells and whistles than you ever thought possible, traditional P.O.S marketing methods have been somewhat left behind.

    The power of the strut card however is in its name: it allows you to unashamedly strut your stuff and shout about your business. At Better Printing we’re all about the reinvention of the strut card. We think it’s about time you started thinking outside the box and capitalised on the power these cards have to offer.

    Not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons why Strut Cards should be top of your list.

    Show off social media
    Show off your Social Media

    Use your strut cards to highlight your social media and encourage customers to engage with your story online. If you’ve gone to all the trouble to create a solid brand with a strong social media backup then enticing customers to interact with your social media should be top of your priorities list. Include a hashtag that’s part of a wider advertising campaign or encourage people to ‘check in’ online and do the promoting for you.

    QR Code printing
    QR codes, special offers and big prizes

    Everyone loves the feeling of getting something for free- especially if your target audience is a bunch of permanently cash strapped students. Strut cards are an ideal platform for promotions or special offers. Use strut cards to link customers to unseen online material, special offers or free give away offers only accessible through printed QR codes.

     Prominent Positions
    Prominent Positions

    The best thing about strut cards is how easily they can be moved about. Strut cards are designed to be placed at the point of purchase, to catch customers’ eyes and tempt them into a last minute buy. A strut card can’t be switched off, you can’t turn the page, and you can’t switch channels- making them fairly hard to ignore. Because of this strut cards can reach a much wider audience than an expensive T.V advert and make a genuine difference to your number of sales.

    Get creative
    Get creative

    These days any form of advertising has to pack a punch to grab attention from smart phones and the pull of facebook or Instagram. Strut cards allow you to get creative. Gone are the traditionalist views, and retro printing technology that meant strut cards had to conform to square or rectangular shapes. Use controversial statements, peculiar shapes and all the colours of the rainbow plus some glitter if you have to. The fact that you can place a card in the centre of the table, next to the till or at the bar means they’re sure to catch the eyes of customers.

    Cost effective

    Cost effective

    Our number one favourite thing about strut cards? They’re incredibly cost effective. For the price of one print ad in a popular magazine you could print 100s of strut cards (probably). With the right printing company you get a high quality, glossy finish and a card that’s sturdy enough to survive months of accidental drink spillage.

    That’s all folks!

    Show card rudders, back of strut card

    We hope we’ve showed you that strut cards are a great way to advertise your business and given you a few ideas about how to use them to interact with your customers. We now offer A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, Bespoke Strut Cards. To see our whole Strut card range then click here.

    Remember at Better Printing we’re always here to help. Just contact our friendly and helpful staff today on 023 8087 8037 or email: and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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  2. All we want for Christmas is… Our new digital cutting machine

    All we want for Christmas is… Our new digital cutting machine

    Printed cut outs

    Father Christmas has come early this year at Better Printing and we’re all pretty happy with our new toy. So much so in fact that this week’s blog is dedicated to telling you guys all about it.

    So why do we love it so much?

    With it we can create print in any shape you can think of. Complicated snowflake patterns? Not a problem. Individually decorated Christmas trees? How many would you like??


    With this machine your shapes and your designs are in our hands in a number of minutes no matter how intricate they are.

    But we’ve had bespoke die-cutting technology for a while, how is this different?

    What’s great about the new machine is that it works digitally.This not only lets us print on pretty much any substrate you like it also allows us to individually print single copies in a cost effective way.


    The way it works is that we can print your design on a normal sheet of Foamex, dibond, Perspex or even magnetic strips and then the machine cuts out your design. Magic!


    If you want to find out more about our new machine and what it can do for you just get in touch. Email or call 023 8087 8037 and one of our lovely team will answer all your questions.

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  3. What a lovely pair…

    What a lovely pair…

    Printers and readers pairs

    Hold on! Just to clarify we’re talking about the difference between reader’s pairs and printer’s pairs….

    This week we wanted to focus on a major mistake customers frequently make whilst designing their booklets and brochures; designing files in reader’s pairs instead of printer’s.

    We understand that unless you’re fairly old hat at this, the way we printers speak or go about things can seem confusing. To put it another way, sometimes our methods seem down right odd. That’s why we like to use this blog to answer any FAQ’s and help ensure your print ends up exactly how you imagined it.

    So what exactly is the difference between reader’s pairs and printer’s pairs?

    Printer’s Pairs:

    With printer’s pairs your booklet or brochure layout will be designed so that when the pages have been printed, folded and bound everything is in the right order. Remember when the binding of your favourite book started loosening? When the pages fell out do you remember being surprised to see the introduction was printed next to the final page? We call this ‘imposition order’. Practically, what this means is that when you design an 8 page booklet, for example, page 1 will not sit next to page 2. Instead you should have 4 sets of printer’s pairs: pages 8-1, 2-7, 6-3 and 4-5. Simple…

    Printers Pairs

    Reader’s Pairs:

    Alternatively, if you’ve designed a booklet or brochure using reader’s pairs the pages are laid out in the order they’ll be read. That means your PDF double page spread will have page 1 next to page 2.

    If you’re planning to let client’s download your booklet or brochure and read on screen, it obviously makes sense to design your pages in this order. However if you’re looking to get your brochure professionally printed and bound then make sure you supply your pages as single pages for us to impose correctly for printing.

    Readers Pairs

    If you have any other print related queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Better Printing we’re always here to help make ordering your print easier. So if you need any advice or guidance, just contact our friendly and helpful staff today on 02380 878 037 or email:

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  4. It’s Time to Get Out Your Fine - Toothed Combs

    It’s Time to Get Out Your Fine - Toothed Combs


    This week we’re talking about the benefits of hard copy proofs.

    What’s the golden rule of printing? Check your proofs thoroughly before going to print! There’s nothing worse than opening your delivery to find your company name is spelt wrong or the colour reproduction doesn’t match your branding. Nightmare.

    So how can you avoid a bad job and wasting your money?

    Asking for a hard copy proof and thoroughly proofreading to avoid grammar or spelling mistakes is, hands down, the best and most economical way to ensure your finished products turn out exactly how you want them. Most printers, including Better Printing, will create a Hard Copy proof for you on request.

    What is a hard copy proof?

    A hard copy proof is a digitally printed physical reproduction of your printed product. The proof is colour calibrated and printed on silk paper using an inkjet printer to give you a clearer idea of the end product.

    Why is a hard copy proof better than a soft proof?

    A soft proof is just a printer’s way of saying a PDF copy of your final design. If all you want to do is check for content errors a soft proof is the way to go and they’re free. However there are several limitations. Viewing your proof on a monitor means it may be hard to envision the layout of the finished product, particularly if your product is to be folded. More importantly with a PDF proof checking for accurate colour calibration is nigh on impossible. A monitor uses a RGB colour calibration system, displaying colour in shades of red green and blue, but lithographic print presses use a CMYK colour system. The colours therefore may be altered in the end product.

    with hard copy proofs you can

    So if your product is to be printed digitally on silk stock, a hard copy proof will give you a near perfect reproduction of the final product.

    At Better Printing we will even assemble you proof for you so you know exactly what you’re getting!

    If you have any questions or need advice remember at Better Printing we’re always here to help. Just call us on 02380 878037 or email and one of our friendly team will be glad to help.

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