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  1. 250 Products and Counting!

    250 Products and Counting!

    250 Products and Counting! - betterprinting blog

    250 Products and Counting!

    Behind the scenes at Better Printing we’ve been fairly busy bees! Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent hours creating even more new more products for you to choose from.

    And we are proud to announce that we now offer a MASSIVE range of over 250 high quality products!

    We do like to spoil you!

    From Gatefold Brochures to PVC Banners, Mini Business Cards to Bookmark Calendars, Custom Die-Cut Presentation Folders to Printed Bollard Covers – we’ve got something for everyone.

    Whatever you need, Better Printing can help. With 25 years’ experience of innovative design and expert print, you can rely on our ability to produce a finished product we can both be proud of.

    Take a closer look at our new range of products here. Or order your professionally printed products today! love to hear from you

    Remember to celebrate #thepowerofprint on
    twitter with @betterprinting_

    We love hearing from you and seeing you enjoy your stunning print!

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  2. Introducing our One-Stop Conference Solution - Part 2

    Introducing our One-Stop Conference Solution - Part 2

    One stop print shop

    A Handy Guide to Your Successful Conference Experience

    Whether you’re organizing the entire conference or just exhibiting at one, it can become a stressful and overwhelming experience, instead of the exciting, informative and useful event it should be.

    With over 30 years of experience as one of the leaders in the print industry, we’ve attended our fair share of conferences – both as guests and as vendors. Some of them have been incredible and some… less so.

    At Better Printing, we aim to achieve the perfect print partnership, helping you out in any way we can. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide to surefire conference success!

    Better Guide to conference

    Tips for Exhibitors: Our top 3 tips for drawing traffic to your stand

    Refresh Your Brand

    Refresh Your Brand:
    The first trade show of the year is a great excuse to refresh your brand and generate new business. A fresh look makes a great impression and offers something new to potential customers who may have dismissed you in the past. You can print everything you need to refresh your brand in one place with Better Printing; saving you time, money and guaranteeing colour consistency.

    Plan Ahead

    Plan Ahead – Offer Incentives:
    The best way to get customers to drop by your stand is to give them a reason for doing so. Exhibition Hosts will often give out a list of attendees to vendors; using the list, establish who your target audience is and pursue these attendees. Use social media to announce your presence at an event and offer a price promotion, show discount or free gift for those who stop by.

    Look Great

    Look Great:
    You want to aim for a calm, relaxing and captivating space in an otherwise chaotic trade show environment. Chances are you won’t have much space to work with, so don’t clutter your space with unnecessary furniture or overly large displays, as the majority of your selling will happen through just talking to people. You may only need a small lectern or stand-like piece. Make sure your signage is visible, eye catching and reflects your branding – you want to attract the people that you reached out to pre-show. Our exhibition packages are a great starting point.

    Tips for Hosts: Our top 3 tips for ensuring your conference is a success

    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise:
    Face it; no one will turn up if they don’t know about or aren’t excited about your conference. Create a logo and colour scheme for your conference and display it on the website and all promotional material. Spread the word about the event through emails, blogs and social media as well as using more traditional print methods. A conference hashtag is the perfect way to generate discussion and interest before, throughout and after the conference – encouraging attendees to return again next year.

    Embrace Technology

    Embrace Technology:
    Whether you get people involved with a conference hashtag or develop a handy conference app with all the information attendees may need, take advantage of technology. Remember, if you are trying to get attendees involved by asking them to tweet throughout the conference then make sure you offer Free Wifi. Live web streaming is also a great way of making sure your conference is remembered long after the event itself, while also allowing those who may not have been able to attend in person to still participate.

    Peer Networking

    Peer Networking:
    People aren’t going to come to your conference unless they feel they’re going to get something out of it. One of the main reasons for attending a conference is the chance to network with other industry experts, so you need to give your attendees this opportunity! Add regular refreshment breaks to your conference to allow for peer networking and include more relaxed areas where attendees can mingle comfortably. Consider the use of icebreakers to get attendees interacting with one another – but be careful; done badly these can cause embarrassment, awkwardness and resentment. We recommend an oldie but a goodie: Have participants say three things about themselves – two true and one false. Other participants guess what the lie is and the correct guesser goes next. Silly, fun and insightful.

    Simply call us on 02380 878 037 to find out more about how Better Printing can help you with your conference experience.

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  3. Introducing our One-Stop Conference Solution - Part 1

    Introducing our One-Stop Conference Solution - Part 1

    One stop print shop

    Everything you need to make your conference go with a bang…

    A successful conference is one that brings together people who share the same passion; to share lessons, advice and ideas and to leave buzzing – full of enthusiasm for their jobs. So why does the word conference so often bring to mind dank hotels, stress and table after table of identical exhibits?

    conference print

    At Better Printing, we recognize that whether you’re organizing the entire conference or just exhibiting at one, it can be an extremely time-consuming and stressful undertaking. That’s why we want to help.

    So please consider us to be your new, one-stop conference solution – with a massive range of over 250 products, including:

    We can provide you with all the print collateral, exhibition stands and marketing materials you’ll need to make sure your conference runs smoothly from start-to-finish.

    Need more convincing?

    By choosing Better Printing as your one stop conference solution, you will:

    save time on print
    Save time
    – Order all the print collateral you need from one place

    save money on print
    Save money
    – By producing all our products in-house, we can offer consistently great prices

    Guarantee brand continuity
    Guarantee brand continuity
    – By ensuring colour consistency across all products

    Call us on 02380 878 037 to find out more about how Better Printing can help you have the perfect conference experience.

    Make sure you come back next week to see our handy guide to having a successful conference experience.

    Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

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  4. Promotional Possibilities with Large Format Printing

    Promotional Possibilities with Large Format Printing

    Bigger Printing - Better printing

    Bigger is Better: Promotional Possibilities with Large Format Printing

    With the latest developments in print technology, large format printing is no longer reserved for companies with vast marketing budgets. Posters, banners, signs and exhibition stands are now all quick, easy and affordable to print for any business.

    So this week, we’ve decided it’s about time to start thinking BIG!

    Make a BIG Impression

    If you need your message to stand out, large format printing is the way to do it. Large format displays are vital for increasing brand recognition. Whether it’s outside your office or above your exhibition display, a huge image of your company logo and tagline is bound to get you noticed and your company remembered.

    Large format displays are also perfect for creating a buzz around a new product or promoting special offers and events. For maximum exposure, try lamppost banners to advertise your next event or use printed Vinyl floor graphics to transform your floor into valuable advertising space.

    Or why not use large format printing to brighten up the office or working environment? If your office is public facing, a vibrant poster that reflects your brand and key message will entice customers and raise brand awareness.

    Large format print

    See the BIG Picture

    With Better Printing, creating a dramatic, attention grabbing display is easier than you might think. Don’t just assume posters and banners are your only option; there’s a whole range of products guaranteed to have a huge impact:

    Getting Ready to Print BIG

    We know the first time you decide to try large format printing can be a little overwhelming; there are hundreds of products to choose from and a lot more space to fill effectively. So here’s our mini guide to help soothe your nerves.

    Large format machines

    Top 5 Tips for Large Format Printing:

    1. In or Out?: First thing’s first, decide whether your large format display will be for indoor or outdoor use as this will have an impact on the type of product you choose and the material (or substrate) you print on.

    2. Get Measuring: Although it sounds like common sense, you first have to measure the space that you need a design for. You may be surprised at just how big the space is and thus how big your banner, poster or display stand will need to be.

    3. Keep Text to a Minimum: Large format printing is less about the text and much more about creating a striking design that can be seen and understood from a distance. So if you’re using text, keep it short and snappy and make sure it’s large enough to be read at a glance, and from a distance.

    4. Images are important: Images are crucial if you want your display to stand out. Make sure you save your images at high resolution (300dpi is ideal) so they look just as good onscreen as they do on the finished product.

    5. Test it out: Try as you might, it can be all too easy to miss small errors when checking your artwork onscreen. Sometimes these errors will only become clear when it’s too late – costing you money. We recommend always printing a small scale proof of the product first, so you or a colleague can properly proofread and check it, away from your computer.

    Remember, at Better Printing we’re always here to help. So if any aspect of large format printing is getting your head in a spin, don’t stress.

    Just call us on 02380 878 037, and one of our friendly team will be happy to guide you through the process.

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  5. A Handy Guide to Providing Print Ready Artwork

    A Handy Guide to Providing Print Ready Artwork

    Print ready artwork - better printing blog

    A handy guide to providing print ready artwork

    So you’ve gone to all the trouble of designing your own artwork, you’ve finally got the ideal image and the perfect composition, and you can’t wait to start printing. Then your printer says there’s a problem; you need to makes changes and they’re going to have to charge you for them.

    If you’re a designer or regularly buy printed collateral for your company, you’ve probably been asked to make ‘print ready’ artwork time and time again. But what exactly does ‘print ready’ mean? And how can you avoid the dreaded phone call and the often expensive process of making the necessary changes?

    This week we’ve decided to help you out by producing this handy guide for creating print ready artwork. So you can always get your artwork right first time.

    Better Printing’s Guide to ‘Better’ Print Ready Artwork

    There are some requirements that are standard for all printers. By making sure you understand these at the beginning of the design process, you can ensure your artwork will be ready to print.

    1) Always Include Bleed: Bleed is crucial in creating a perfect finished product. Bleed is: any area of the printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of a sheet or page. Without bleed, small variations in finishing and paper sizes can leave an unprofessional blank line around the edge of your product. If your background colour or image is meant to reach the very edge of the page then make sure you include at least 3mm bleed on all your artwork.

    2) Make Sure Your Images Are High Resolution: If the resolution of your images is too low the reproduction will often be pixelated, blurred and of poor quality. For sharp high quality images, check that all images are at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch).

    3) Save Your Artwork in the Correct Format: The safest option is to always supply artwork as high resolution PDF files. Using other file types such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Publisher can cause minor layout problems and you may be charged for artwork correction and re-proofing. Some printers (including Better Printing) also accept other industry standard file types including: Adobe Indesign (.indd), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Quark Xpress (.qxd, .qxp), TIFFs (.tif) and JPEGs (.jpg). If you’re unsure, PDFs are always the best bet.

    print ready files - picture of litho press

    4) Use CMYK or Greyscale Colour Modes ONLY: Whilst many computers design and preview artwork in RGB, all printers print in CMYK. So to prevent inaccurate colour reproduction, it’s crucial that any artwork, including images, is converted to CMYK. Black and white images should always be saved in grayscale; if not, they will print with some colour.

    5) Embed Your Fonts: For the most accurate results, always embed fonts within your artwork or convert them to outlines. Embedding your font converts your artwork into a static format. This is important because the layout of a document may vary from computer to computer. If your printer’s software doesn’t recognize your chosen font and you don’t embed it, the font will print incorrectly or may not print at all.

    6) Finally, Make Sure You Save Your Artwork in the Correct Size: If you provide a smaller scale version of your artwork, then your chosen printer has to scale it up which can create a whole load of problems when it comes to resolution etc. Resizing artwork can be an expensive process, so make sure you provide your artwork at the correct size and you’ll be saving yourself time and money!

    Got all that? Phew! We promise that if you follow the above guidelines, then providing ‘print ready’ artwork should be easy peasy.

    At Better Printing, we’re always here to help. So if you need any advice or guidance on providing artwork for your product, just contact our friendly and helpful staff today on 02380 878 037 or email:

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