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  1. Free Design Resources Chapter 1 - Fonts.

    Free Design Resources Chapter 1 - Fonts.

    One of the great things about the World Wide Web is the fact that it is full of amazing free resources that you can tap in to at any time you wish.

    When it comes to designing documents and marketing material one of the key design elements you may look for are fonts. Thankfully the web is full of a whole host of free fonts that you can use to enhance your banners, brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters and roller banners and much more.

    So what’s with fonts?Free Fonts Online

    Well there’s a great deal of interesting marketing research that has been done in the effects of fonts. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the right font there are the practical elements such as the colour, the size and the contrast it has on the chosen background – after all it needs to be visible and legible to the audience.

    But there is also some consideration needed in the type of font being used and the kind of message or image being portrayed. Fonts can be classical, theatrical, calming, striking, artistically modernistic or traditional in design.

    Using a poor choice of font can be detrimental for a designed project and can sometimes have completely the opposite from the desired effect. You also need to consider whether the font is over fussy or complicating the overall design.

    Online Free Fonts
    We would advise from steering away from some of the standard or default fonts available in common word processing applications – as they are so widely used and known they can give off a sense of laziness to explore or personalise and can be quite boring and unadventurous.

    The web can have the answer. Yes, there are lots of great sites out there that have a wide stock of FREE graphics and fonts for you to download – most of which are Mac and Windows compatible. So don’t feel you have to purchase fonts.

    Our favorite sites are:

    These sites are full of pages of downloadable fonts. So it really pays to have the patience and aptitude to search around and find the right font for your chosen project.

    Betterprinting - Blog - Free FontsBe warned though there is a lot out there so you may need to sift through some mediocre or poor fonts before finding the right one, but persistence is likely to prevail.

    You can always ask print & design experts, like us of course, to help advise on the feasibility and appropriateness of your chosen font for your chosen design project and we will happily give you full impartial guidance.

    Call us on 02380 878037 or email at

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  2. To pay VAT or not to pay VAT That is the question.

    To pay VAT or not to pay VAT That is the question.

    Indeed, that is the question. When you’re looking to create your printed material for distribution to your customers, undoubtedly cost is a critical factor in your decision making. What you may not know is that not all printed marketing material is VAT chargeable. VAT is value added tax added to most goods and services.

    VAT Rates:

    When it comes to printing, you will either find products that are standard rate (20% VAT) or zero rated (0% VAT). So it’s worth taking the time to understand which items are categorised as zero rated and standard rated.

    Zero rated items include:

    It is important to note that there are some exceptions to these zero-rated products. Leaflets are a particularly complicated item to categorise. Generally they are zero rated as long as there is a significant amount of text on at least one side of the leaflet, it must also be no larger than A4 and it must also be a single self-contained item and not part of a larger package. It also must not be printed on paper heavier than 230gsm.

    Additionally, if a flyer is designed to obtainPrinted Flyers and Leaflets pay no VAT discounts on good or services, to obtain admission or entry to a place, for use as a calendar or as a form for completion, these flyers might not be deemed zero-rated. With brochures and booklets, there are also some exceptions to the zero-rated rule. These include brochure printing being used for commercial, engineering, architectural and industrial reasons or for calendars, diaries or address books.

    All other products and services are standard rated, including:

    Essentially if your printed matter is to be used for commercial purposes then it is very likely it will have VAT added to it.

    So what does having zero VAT and standard rated products mean for you?

    Ultimately it means choice and cost effectiveness. Knowing that certain designs and formats can be significantly better value for your money can help shape how you design your marketing material.

    It also helps you to know your rights when you are shopping for printed marketing material. Knowing those exceptions to the rule also means you are entering in to your printing project fully aware of the kind of costs you can expect.

    If you’re not sure you should always seek advice from a reputable and established printing company like Betterprinting to see what rate affects your choice of printed products. If your in any doubt then please give us a call on 02380 878037.

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