5 storefront display solutions to get more customers through the door

It’s not easy owning a physical store in the increasingly online retail landscape of 2019. With footfall numbers in decline across the UK high street, how can your business entice more customers through the door?

The first place to focus on is the presentation of your storefront. First impressions are everything, and an attractive window display and store frontage can be the key to convincing new customers to check you out.

Printed displays are great for this; helping you keep your storefront up to date with all your latest products and in-store offerings as often as you like. Need a little inspiration? Here’s our top 5 picks for beautiful printed storefront solutions…


The classic no-frills display solution for all sorts of retail spaces. Banners can be hung above your shop signage, or from railings or bollards outside your store; or you can get your banners supplied with metal frames for wall mounting or floor display.


Limited on storefront space? Outdoor roller banners take up a relatively small footprint, and can be quickly disassembled and stored away at closing time; plus you can replace the banner inside the roller unit when it’s time for something new.

Promotional Floor Graphics Floor graphics 


Vinyl floor graphic stickers can brighten up any store lobby area; and just like bollard covers, you can use them to create a trail leading straight to your door. Just make sure you have permission of the landowners first!

Bollard covers

Ideal for warehouse stores, supermarkets and other shops with on-site parking; these simple boards can turn boring bollards into quirky advertising opportunities. A trail of bollard covers can also be a great way to lead customers to your store entrance.

Window cling stickers

Window Cling Promotion

Printed shop window glass looks great; but you can’t exactly replace the pane with a new one whenever you want to advertise a new offer.

Window stickers (also known as ‘static cling’ stickers) provide a more flexible alternative for your store’s window display. Rather than using adhesives, window stickers simply cling to windows via surface tension; which means they can be removed at the end of your promotion without any stubborn residue.

Cardboard cutouts

Perhaps a little cliché, but custom-printed standees are surprisingly effective for window displays and greeting customers at the door. You don’t have to go for the generic person cutout, either; standees can be printed and contour-cut to any piece of artwork you like. Why not add your logo, or perhaps photos of your latest products?

Stay tuned to the Better Printing blog for more advice on retail marketing and promotion – and for a quote for your print project, call our friendly team on 023 8087 8037 today.

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