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Takeaway Menu Leaflets vs Restaurant Menus

By Better Printing 21 July 2016 No comments

Takeaway Menu Leaflets vs Restaurant Menu

Many people think that takeaway menu leaflets and restaurant menus are the same thing, after all, they both have the selection of food available listed on them and they represent the menu, but what are the differences when it comes to takeaway menu leaflets and restaurant menus?

Be different. Inspire creativity. Get folding.

By Better Printing 8 June 2016 No comments

start foling your leaflets, brochures and flyers

This week at Better Printing it’s all about the Fold.

There has been a recent rise in the number of brands using unique folded designs to ensure their print has a memorable impact. From Ikea’s pop up brochure to the Jeep’s gatefold leaflet, companies and advertisers alike are finally waking up to the power of folding.

A brochure is a brochure right

By Better Printing 20 May 2016 No comments

brochure blog

Wrong! This week we want to focus on how to make your brochure stand out from the rest.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that once you’ve written the content, finalised your image choices and created a killer cover design, your work is done. Sorry to let you down and all, but these days everyone is going all out to make sure their brochure is the one you pick up. From large conglomerate companies to the smallest of start-ups, you need a brochure design that’s creative, unique and above all striking.

A brief history of lithographic printing

By Better Printing 12 May 2016 No comments

history of lithographic

This week we wanted to celebrate all things lithographic.

We’re firm believers in that old saying ‘how do you know where you’re going unless you know where you’re coming from?’ so we decided it was time to find out more about the history of lithographic printing.

We dug out our history books, stuck on the kettle and settled in for some reading. The result? Our own little lithography timeline, enjoy!

Tent Cards

By Better Printing 28 April 2016 No comments

Tent Cards

Tent cards are one of our most stunning products that we offer in our Point of Display range, their utility implies that they can be utilised by any business as a promotional or informational tool.

They also not just have one side to them but offer two to six sides to print on giving you many options which make these products very a special marketing tool.

Roller banners

By Better printing 24 March 2016 No comments


Roller banners also known as Pull up banners or roll up banners are among the most useful and economically-built handy exhibit solutions that appeal and captivate the customers' interest in the best creative way.

Let’s Take It Outside

By Better Printing 29 February 2016 No comments

Outdoor printing

Let’s Take It Outside: It’s time to embrace the world of outdoor promotions.

When you’re advertising an upcoming event or product launch, it’s all very well sticking brochures, leaflets and quite possibly the kitchen sink through front doors but sometimes you need to make a bigger impact.

Strut Cards / Show Cards: The what, the how, the why bother.

By Better Printing 29 January 2016 No comments


‘What’s so great about strut cards and why do I need them?’ We hear you ask. Well you’ve got a point. In the age of digital advertising, with flashing lights and more bells and whistles than you ever thought possible, traditional P.O.S marketing methods have been somewhat left behind.

All we want for Christmas is… Our new digital cutting machine

By Better Printing 21 December 2015 No comments

Printed cut outs

Father Christmas has come early this year at Better Printing and we’re all pretty happy with our new toy. So much so in fact that this week’s blog is dedicated to telling you guys all about it.

So why do we love it so much?

What a lovely pair…

By Better Printing 6 November 2015 No comments

Printers and readers pairs

Hold on! Just to clarify we’re talking about the difference between reader’s pairs and printer’s pairs….

This week we wanted to focus on a major mistake customers frequently make whilst designing their booklets and brochures; designing files in reader’s pairs instead of printer’s.

It’s Time to Get Out Your Fine - Toothed Combs

By Better Printing 22 October 2015 No comments


This week we’re talking about the benefits of hard copy proofs.

What’s the golden rule of printing? Check your proofs thoroughly before going to print! There’s nothing worse than opening your delivery to find your company name is spelt wrong or the colour reproduction doesn’t match your branding. Nightmare.

So how can you avoid a bad job and wasting your money?

Paper Weights: What the GSM are they all about?

By Better Printing 8 October 2015 No comments

Paper weights in print

Here at Better Printing we’ve put our heads together to give you the low down on paper stocks and advise you on the best weight for your product.

So here is our insiders guide to paper weights.

PVC Banners: A good design is about more than style…

By Better Printing 2 October 2015

PVC Banners blog header

…You need to make sure your design works as a product. Without getting all philosophical on you we want to stress the importance of getting the Artwork for PVC banner just right.

The holidays are coming…

By Better Printing 21 September 2015

Christmas and Calendars 2016

We’re sorry, but we have to say the dreaded words: it’s time to start thinking about Christmas 2015.

We know, we know its still months away! The sun is still shining! But with Christmas being perhaps the busiest time of year for companies and printers alike, it’s never too early to start planning for your.

Top 10 tips for designing your business card

By Better Printing 10 September 2015

 Top 10 tips for designing business cards

If the experts are right and it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, you need to make sure your business card is working it baby.

When you get your business card design right, your name and business will be remembered-get it wrong and you won’t.  Put simply, if your business card doesn’t inspire confidence, it won’t help you generate new business.

Buying in Bulk: is it the right option for you?

By Better Printing 4 September 2015 No comments

buying print in bulk from better printing uk hampshire

Whether you’re a new start-up company or a huge conglomerate we know it’s always important to save money where you can.

Research shows that the more frequently customers buy products each month, the more money they actually end up spending. Is bulk buying a legitimate solution? Does it actually save you money?

Getting down to business

By Better Printing 20 August 2015 No comments

 Getting down to business

Business cards have been around for what seems like forever. With the advent of sites like Linkedin you may have prematurely decided they’ve become redundant.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we disagree. When used effectively business cards are still a must have in this day and age. So this week we want to convince you of the enduring power of the Business Card.

So here are just a few reasons why you still need a high quality business card in your life.

Custom printing

By Better Printing 14 August 2015 No comments

Custom printing uk
It only takes three little words to get us excited here at Better Printing. That’s right, this week we’re talking about custom printed products.

When you need something special or have a specific design in mind, with our custom printing service we can help you create a product unique to you.

Still not sure? Here are 3 reasons why custom printing is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Wobblers: the what, the why and the how

By Better Printing 4 August 2015 No comments


If you’ve indulged in any retail therapy lately you’ve probably seen a wobbler or 2 and maybe even been tempted to buy because of one, but we’re guessing the term ‘wobbler’ is new to you.

To clear up any confusion and answer any questions here is our comprehensive guide to the what, the when and the why of wobblers.

Why Eco Friendly Products are a Viable Marketing Option

By Better Printing 24 July 2015 No comments

Eco printing from Better Printing

This week Better Printing is going GREEN.

We know it’s not always easy staying eco conscious when you’re trying to promote your business. When you need to get your name out there, sometimes thinking about the environmental impact of your advertising goes out the window.

‘It’s just too expensive’, ‘the quality isn’t as good’ ‘emailing is more eco friendly’

Are likely to be just some of your thoughts. Until recent years, companies had to make the difficult choice between what was right for their business and what was right for the environment.

Not any more!

Print Glossary Parts 2

By Better Printing 16 July 2015 No comments

Print Glossary part 2 by Better Printing uk

Rejoice! Part 2 of our comprehensive print glossary is finally here. We hope it helps!

Print Glossary Parts 1

By Better Printing 10 July 2015 No comments

Print Glossary by Better Printing

We know sometimes it may seem as if we’re speaking an entirely different language;
the terms we use can be nigh on impossible to understand if you’re not a print specialist.

So to help you out we’ve created a fairly comprehensive glossary of the printing terms you’re most likely to come across:

Localised Marketing Your Ticket to Success

By Better Printing 3 July 2015 No comments

Localised Marketing- Your Ticket to Success

Localised Marketing Your Ticket to Success

In days gone past localised marketing was the only way for companies to drum up interest in their respective businesses. Thanks to the internet however, the global marketplace has never been more accessible; now even the smallest of companies can go global with their customer base.

As exciting as that is, at Better Printing we’re determined not to forget about the customers that are right outside our front door.

A Basic Guide to Variable Data Printing

By Better Printing 26 June 2015 No comments

Variable data printing uk

Are you a VDP first timer? Feeling a tad overwhelmed by the process. Not to worry. We’ve created a basic guide to take the mystery out of VDP.

First things first, what actually is Variable Data Printing?

The Reinvention of the postcard

By Better Printing 19 June 2015 No comments

Post Card Blog from Better Printing uK

The Reinvention of the postcard

We know that saying the word postcard will probably conjure up enough images of cheesy seaside scenes, cheeky snapshots and awful puns to make even the most adventurous advertisers shudder.... But we think there is something slightly magical about receiving one in the post.

Wait, hear us out!

Plant List

By Better Printing 12 June 2015 No comments

Plant List by Better Printing

So you may have heard us talk about how Better Printing offers a one stop service, but what exactly does that mean?

Well what it means is that we have all the latest litho, digital, large format, direct mail and finishing print technology on site. So, unlike most online print providers, we can print every product in house.

No outsourcing means we save you both time and money and with guaranteed colour consistency across all our print presses, a one stop service could be just the solution you’re looking for. 


By Better Printing 1 June 2015 1 comments

Sticker printing help

Sticker Printing

As the recent and incredibly effective advertising campaign for Channel 4’s new show Humans has proven, it’s becoming harder and harder for advertisers to make an impact in a saturated marketplace and many companies are resorting to extreme lengths to grab their audience’s attention.

We’re going to let you in a little known fact... when it comes to branding stickers are the ultimate covert tool...

Proofing: Are you ready to pass go?

By Better Printing 21 May 2015 No comments

Proofing in print

Are you ready to pass go?

I am sure many of you won’t be surprised to hear us say that proofing is perhaps the most important stage in the print production process. A proof is the final check point before you pass Go and collect 200.

Introducing our One-Stop Conference Solution - Part 2

By Better Printing 14 May 2015 No comments

One stop print shop

A Handy Guide to Your Successful Conference Experience

Whether you’re organizing the entire conference or just exhibiting at one, it can become a stressful and overwhelming experience, instead of the exciting, informative and useful event it should be.

With over 30 years of experience as one of the leaders in the print industry, we’ve attended our fair share of conferences – both as guests and as vendors. Some of them have been incredible and some… less so.

Introducing our One-Stop Conference Solution - Part 1

By Better Printing 8 May 2015 No comments

One stop print shop

Everything you need to make your conference go with a bang…

A successful conference is one that brings together people who share the same passion; to share lessons, advice and ideas and to leave buzzing – full of enthusiasm for their jobs. So why does the word conference so often bring to mind dank hotels, stress and table after table of identical exhibits?

Promotional Possibilities with Large Format Printing

By Better Printing 24 April 2015 No comments

Bigger Printing - Better printing

Bigger is Better: Promotional Possibilities with Large Format Printing

With the latest developments in print technology, large format printing is no longer reserved for companies with vast marketing budgets. Posters, banners, signs and exhibition stands are now all quick, easy and affordable to print for any business.

So this week, we’ve decided it’s about time to start thinking BIG!

A Handy Guide to Providing Print Ready Artwork

By Better Printing 17 April 2015 No comments

Print ready artwork - better printing blog

A Handy guide to providing print ready artwork

So you’ve gone to all the trouble of designing your own artwork, you’ve finally got the ideal image and the perfect composition, and you can’t wait to start printing. Then your printer says there’s a problem; you need to makes changes and they’re going to have to charge you for them.

This week we’ve decided to help you out by producing this handy guide for creating print ready artwork. So you can always get your artwork right first time.

250 Products and Counting!

By Better Printing 10 April 2015 1 comments

250 Products and Counting! - betterprinting blog

250 Products and Counting!

Behind the scenes at Better Printing we’ve been fairly busy bees! Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent hours creating even more new more products for you to choose from.

And we are proud to announce that we now offer a MASSIVE range of over 250 high quality products!

Our New Machine: Agfa Anapurna M2050

By Better Printing 6 November 2014 No comments

We are positively delighted to formally introduce you to our new best friend. Well, when it comes to print machinery it comes pretty close. It is of course our Agfa Anapurna M2050.

Whilst we appreciate it doesn’t have the most catchy of names, this UV-curable inkjet machine is one of the best purpose built printing machines available on the market, making for a sound investment and evidence of our ongoing commitment to provide the best in print quality.

Matt Lamination versus Gloss Lamination

By Better Printing 30 October 2014 No comments

Matt and Gloss Lamination in print
As a business you will most likely be familiar with the benefits and advantages of using various paper-based marketing tools and techniques, from brochures, booklets, programmes and handbooks.

Needless to say as an avid follower of our weekly blogs you will also be familiar with the variety of options available out there to you when choosing the right paper based product for your needs. But one area that can be a bit of a minefield is the matt versus gloss question.

Lamppost banners

By Betterprinting 23 October 2014 No comments

Lamppost banner printing
At business events and corporate exhibitions all across London and the south east you’ll be noticing lamppost banners popping up to showcase businesses and their products and services. And if you haven’t seen them yet then you really ought to get on board with this innovative take on marketing displays. Lamp post banners are an excellent visual attraction, hugely effective at obtaining the attention of passers-by and their potential custom, and provide great value for money.

Twist & Lock Leaflet Dispensers

By Betterprinting 15 October 2014 No comments

twist and lock dispensers-Printing-UK

While this may sound like a complex mechanism for robotic leaflet distribution, we can assure you the Twist and Lock Leaflet Dispenser is a simple and ingeniously designed leaflet holder and dispenser that can hold and display your leaflets, easily and cost-effectively. Commonly seen at points of sale in shops and offices worldwide, they provide a visually impactful method of dispensing marketing material.

Capacity of presentation folders

By Betterprinting 8 October 2014 No comments

Whether you’re looking for document storage folders to hold important, present legal contracts or hold general point of sale information, a printed presentation folder is the perfect solution to ensure that your documents are stored well and in a well presented and professional manner.

Colours in print

By Betterprinting 29 August 2014 No comments

Blogs-Colours-in-printWhen you have a print project that requires use of colour as an integral part of its intended appeal, you need printing expertise that truly understands the nature of colour in printing and what it can achieve or – when unsuccessfully applied – what it can fail to deliver.

Flyers & leaflet Printing Tips

By Betterprinting 12 August 2014 No comments

Flyer-Leaflet-Printers-OnlineThey say ‘50% of something is better than 100% of nothing’ and when looking at your return on investment for marketing techniques this couldn’t be more applicable.

Presentation Folders

By Betterprinting 5 August 2014 No comments

Betterprinting Presentation Folders

When you attend corporate events and marketing functions with networking opportunities, nothing looks more professional than to hand out professionally designed and printed presentation folders, conveniently and efficiently filled with all of the core information about your business its products and services. Even better still, are those business folders which allow a level of storage for other key documents and potential marketing merchandise.

Die - Cutting in print

By Betterprinting 25 July 2014 No comments

Die-cuttersWhether you’re a small business, a new business, an existing and established company, a large scale multi-location business, a mobile company or remotely located, one thing that’s likely is that you will have competition in your field, and when you have to compete with so many businesses in your sector, your marketing material needs to stand out from the crowd.


Bleed and Crops

By tBetterprinting 21 July 2014 No comments

Bleed and Crops in Print
You may commonly hear the terms bleed or crop in printing, and these are key things to consider when designing a print product and applying print techniques. If you have a company that designs and prints for you then they may take the trouble of bleed and crop management for you, but if you are creating a design for print yourself then it is important that you consider the bleed line and crop marks of your design. This is an absolute must before you print.

Perfect Bound Books

By Betterprinting 15 July 2014 No comments

Perfect Bound Books
True professional binding of books is an art, not just a project, that is exactly how we here at Betterprinting treat our book binding service.

Whether you are looking for a reliable printing company to help you produce books, brochures, catalogues or magazines, you can be sure that with Betterprinting your end result will be a perfectly bound product.

Brochure Printing Finishes

By Betterprinting 8 July 2014 No comments

Brochure Printing Finishes
A beautifully presented brochure quite literally speaks volumes about the products or services being promoted. It says more than just the text on the page. But to get this effect and to have this level of impact on the reader it takes more than just good text and plenty of images – the lasting impression is obtained through a perfect finish. With a number of brochure printing finishes to choose from, it’s tough to know what’s available and what’s appropriate for your needs.

Folded Leaflets

By Betterprinting 30 May 2014 1 comments

Folded Leaflets - Printed by Betterprinting
Folded leaflets offer a brilliantly versatile way to promote products and services or events in a way that maximizes the use of space as well as organises content in a logical fashion. They are also an affordable and cost effective marketing tool – which probably accounts for their popularity as a direct marketing method.


By Betterprinting, UK 28 April 2014 No comments

X-Banner title Banner
If you are showcasing your business at an exhibition or event you want to be noticed over and above your competitors. A great way to do this is to have a professionally designed and crafted banner. Similarly if you are setting up a pop up presence or wanting to divert customer attention to a promotional area of your store, the perfect tool to do this is a stylish and robust banner.

Rich Blacks in Print

Betterprinting Rich BlacksWhilst using pops of bright colour in your marketing material can be fun and quirky in the right environment; a smart and professional look is most definitely achieved through the use of black.

Free Design Resources Chapter 2 - Images.

Free Images & Photos for print
When it comes to design projects, one element that can have the most visual appeal and impact is the imagery and graphics used. Finding the right imagery for a document or promotional material is not always easy. Thankfully, we live in an age that allow us to all be privy to the wonderful advantages of the internet and all it has to offer in the format of free resources – namely images.

Does Colour effect our emotions?

Colours in print - Betterprinting - UK Printers

The effects of colour on an individual’s psychological and emotional state have been widely researched in both academic and business circles.

Colours may seem like such a normal aspect to the environment around us that we can often fail to see the gentle but complex relationship that they have on us every day. The emotional and health and wellbeing effects that colour can have on our state of mind and body should not be underestimated.

Free Design Resources Chapter 1 - Fonts.

Free Fonts - Betterprinting - UK Printers

One of the great things about the World Wide Web is the fact that it is full of amazing free resources that you can tap in to at any time you wish.

When it comes to designing documents and marketing material one of the key design elements you may look for are fonts. Thankfully the web is full of a whole host of free fonts that you can use to enhance your banners, brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters and roller banners and much more.

To pay VAT or not to pay VAT That is the question.

To pay VAT or not to pay VAT That is the question.
Indeed, that is the question. When you’re looking to create your printed material for distribution to your customers, undoubtedly cost is a critical factor in your decision making. What you may not know is that not all printed marketing material is VAT chargeable. VAT is value added tax added to most goods and services.

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